April 22, 2024

Updating Delphi and Lazarus products to 2024.2 version


This update includes improvements and fixes for our entire line of Delphi and Lazarus products.

One of the main features of this update is the new package with visual components TfrTreeView. The new TfrTreeView allows you to quickly create your custom equivalents of TreeView, expanding the functionality of your application. Compared to the standard TreeView, our component has fast and convenient navigation, collapsing and expanding the tree of thousands of elements. This enhances the responsiveness of your application's interface for end users. And, of course, TfrTreeView is supported in both VCL and Lazarus!


FastReport VCL

You can experience the responsiveness of the interface in the FastReport VCL report designer when working with a large amount of data or objects, thanks to the use of the new TfrTreeView component.

FastReport VCL

Support for GeoJSON and TopoJSON formats has been added to the map object. Use maps in whichever format is most convenient for you.


Improved handling of digital signatures in PDF and other files. Our product allows for maximum flexibility in configuring digital signatures. You have access to the following settings:

  • Signing method: FastReport, CryptoAPI, CryptoPRO
  • Signature type: CAdES-BES, СAdES-T, CAdES-X Type 1.
  • Time Stamping Authority servers.
  • Certificate stores.
  • Signature hash: md5, sha1, sha256.

A mode of infinite width has been added for the dynamic table object. The size of the table grows depending on the data being output. In the preview window, you can see a page that fits all the table columns. Meanwhile, in normal mode, columns that do not fit on the sheet will be moved to the next page.

A mode of infinite width has been added for the dynamic table object.

Reports with detailed pages retain the states of the transmitted variables for each tab, allowing for individual reconstruction of each tab when updating parameters.

A new property for linear barcodes, DigitsAutoFillMode, has been added. dafmLeftOnly fills missing barcode digits with zeros from the left side. dafmRightChecksum always adds a zero checksum when there is a shortage of digits required by the barcode standard.


In this update, we have enhanced and addressed numerous issues with the HTML5, SVG, PDF, XLSX, and DOCX export filters. HTML5, SVG, and PDF exports are now closer to full WYSIWYG. The quality of DOCX and XLSX exports has been improved for table exports.

An alternative path on Linux has seen overall improvements in operation under WINE on Linux.



Lazarus support has been added to FastQueryBuilder—now you can connect and use it in your Lazarus projects.


The errors found were fixed and integration with the common code base was improved.


FastReport FMX

Added two new export DOCX and XLSX filters—export reports to the format you need.

FastReport FMX


Starting with release, we will no longer support development environments released before Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4 for the FireMonkey platform. 


2024.2.0 version



+ fixed SQL editor;
- fixed autocompletion in memo syntax;
- fixed a bug when Unicode characters could disappear when saving script code in .pas file from the report designer;
- fixed TfrxRichView editor for 64 bits;
- fixed scrollbars for TfrxSimpleSyntaxMemo;
- fixed display of tooltips on the frxEditFieldDefs form;


+ added support for infinite width for dynamic tables;
+ added support for GeoJSON / TopoJSON to the map object;
+ added new control TfrTreeView;
+ fixed a bug of compatibility with old aliases;
+ detailed reports save the states of the passed variables for each tab when using the DetailPage hyperlink;
* added the ability to change the signature hash algorithm;
* improved signatures for pdf and other files, improved consistency of signatures;
- fixed an error in the position of the data set in the TfrxCustomLayer of the map object;
- fixed update of field definitions after SQL changes;
- fixed bugs when working with WINE;
- fixed TfrxCustomQuery.SQLChangeHandler when destroying a complex report;
- fixed a bug that could lead to a crash when exporting to BIFF8 (RS12, 64-bit);
- fixed AV in FastCube when dragging a field from the filter zone to the Y axis and back;
- improved synchronization with the old list of aliases and the new collection of field definitions;
- fixed inherited parameters in the request;
- removed duplicate Left / Top properties in serialization for components that are not internal DB components;
- fixed type conversion for a field collection property in an inherited report;
- fixed a bug in FastCube FMX when right-clicking on the drop-down list of measurements;
- fixed a bug when using a dynamic table with manual construction on a page with several columns;
- fixed behavior of alClient for diagonal TfrxLineView;


- fixed a bug when exporting in RTF format when the left position is reset to the coordinate of the left page margin;
- fixed interactive Combobox in preview and pdf export;
- fixed incorrect position of images when exporting xlsx;
- fixed system colors in the xlsx export filter;
- fixed scaling factor for images and text when exporting to docx;
- fixed a bug that could lead to a crash in XLSX export;
- fixed errors in HTMLDiv and SVG exports;
- fixed array unlocking in XLS OLE export;
- fixed pdf export errors;
- fixed memo export with APAC fonts to SVG and HTML5
- fixed PDF/A export and vector export with PS_USERSTYLE;
- fixed memo export with HAlign = haRight;


+ added support for Lazarus in FastQueryBuilder;
+ fixed a list of paper without printers in Linux Lazarus;
- fixed errors in exporting some objects in PNG mode in Lazarus;


+ the SmartMemo object with basic syntax highlighting has been moved into a separate package;
+ added RTL support to SmartMemo;
- fixed certificate dialog;
- fixed caret for SmartMemo in Lazarus GTK2;

[Report object]

+ added a new linear barcode property DigitsAutoFillMode (dafmLeftOnly—fills missing barcode digits with zeros on the left side, dafmRightChecksum—always adds a zero checksum if there are not enough digits required by the barcode according to the standard);
- fixed RTTI for TfrxHTMLView;
- fixed incorrect clipping boundaries for the TfrxPDFView object in the preview;
- fixed FireDAC DriverID;


* updated Portuguese resources.

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