September 01, 2016

New version of FastReport .NET - 2016.4

New version of FastReport .NET is out! 

What's new?

WebReport object received interactive functions support: work with bookmarks, hyperlinks, links to the detailed report, link to the detailed report page, drill-downs. Added support of onClick event handling in the script during report presentation in web browser

PDF export now can build files that correspond to graphic standard PDF/X-3 with the support of color profiles for printing. Moreover, export gained the ability to save images without any quality loss.

FastReport .NET now can receive data from Sharepoint/Office365 and use it for report development.

More changes and fixes: 



+ added new HtmlObject for using in the WebReport or HTML export
+ added event Report.CustomCalc for custom data processing
- fixed issue with incorrect assembly loading in report script


+ added TextOutline editor
- fixed bug with disappearing of part PolyLineObject, PolygonObject after preview


+ added compliance with PDF/X-3 in PDF export
+ added new property PDFExport.PDFCompliance
+ added property PDFExport.ColorProfile for using in PDF/X-3 compliance mode
+ added support of export pictures with lossless compression in PDF export
+ added property PDFExport.ImageLossless
+ added IsScrolled property in XAML export
* depercated properties: PDFExport.PdfA, PDFExport.PdfACompliance)
- fixed bug with html tags in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with wrong format of negative value of cell with CustomFormat in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with line-height in HtmlObject in HTML export
- fixed bug with skipping sequences spaces in TextObject for Excel2007 and HTML exports
- fixed bug with handling control symbols in Excel2007Export
- fixed bug with encryption in PDF export
- fixed bug with validation of PDF/A compliance with hyperlinks in report


+ added hyperlinks on bookmarks functionality (works only with Layers = true)
+ added hyperlinks on page number functionality (works only with Layers = true)
+ added click event handler functionality (works only with Layers = true)
+ added detailed reports - hyperlinks on hidden report page or report file (works only with Layers = true)
+ added new property WebReport.ShowTabCloseButton (default value: false)
+ added new property WebReport.TabPosition (default value: TabPosition.InsideToolbar)
+ added new example for Single Page Application \Demos\C#\Web\SPADemo
* improved memory consumption
* improved caching of reports
- fixed bug with downloading in Android
- fixed bug in WebReport with CacheDelay in MVC applications
- fixed bug with URLEncoded Cookies in Online Designer call-back
- fixed bug with null ID in MVC
- fixed bug with skipping lead spaces in TextObject
- fixed bug with page breaks on printing from browser


+ added connector SharePoint/"Office 365" \Extras\Connections\FastReport.SharePoint
* updated German resources

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