March 11, 2015

FastReport .NET 2015.2 is here!

We are glad to announce the release of the newer version of FastReport .NET.

The main changes include improvement of WebReport and On-line Designer objects interaction, bug patch and rework of the current functionality.

And not only that. Here's a full change list:

* updated Japanese resources
- fixed bug with opening frx/fpx files with Unicode signature in begin of file
- fixed bug with CantFindObject exception in report reader in WebMode
- fixed bug with saving empty Excel 2007 files
- fixed RichTextQuality in PDF export
+ added Preview button in File menu in Ribbon toolbar
+ added export in Prepared report
* page breaks in export to Excel 2007 from WebReport now disabled by default
- fixed bug with exception CantFindObject in WebReport
- fixed bug with preview from designer in ASPX mode
- fixed bug with designer position
- fixed bug with report load in designer in ASPX mode
+ added report exporting methods in Service
[On-line Report Designer]
+ added barcodes Aztec, Plessey, GS1-128/EAN-128
+ added support of hierarchical data arrays with BusinessObjects
+ added Aliases for data sources
+ added copy/paste of TableObject and MatrixObject
+ added enable/disable of rows/columns in tabled objects
+ added MatrixObject
+ added more space between bands
+ band height reduced twice on mobile devices
+ cancel of creating object by ESC
+ added scale of report page with "ctrl + mousewheel"
+ added save of report on keys "ctrl + s"
+ added corners highlight of selected objects
+ added objects SimpleGauge, LinearGauge
* changed panels with properties and events
* improved work with TableObject
* changed design of trees in Report Tree, data and in Expression Editor
* improved of parse of report with error reporting
* the icons are same as in desktop designer
* added tab View change of settings of grid and units
* changes in style of object creation
* changed search algorithm of objects on page with selection
- fixed bug with duplicate component/bands names
- fixed bug with cell deletion in table object
- fixed bug with deletion of child bands in last band of page
- fixed bug with band resize to 0
- fixed bug with save of included objects in frx report
- fixed bug in TableObject with adding of rows and columns
- fixed bug in TableCell with RowSpan and ColSpan
- fixed bug with table witdh and height
- fixed bug with selecting of non valid fields
- fixed bug with showing of messages when toolbar is hidden
- fixed bug with moving of child cells of table beside a left side
- fixed bug with adding of new object on the mobile devices
- fixed bug with create object on scaled page
- fixed bug with create object inside a cell of table
- fixed bug with positioning of LineObject in Firefox

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