March 13, 2014

New version FastReport .NET 2014.2

First FastReport.NET was released several years ago. But only now world have met with such data volumes, which allow estimate real power and benefits of FastReport. Meet FastReport.Net 2014.2 - with Big Data support!

+ added connector Google BigQuery \Extras\Connections\FastReport.GoogleBigQuery
+ added an example of Google BigQuery access \Demos\C#\GoogleBigQuery
+ added save to Box cloud from preview
+ added support of line-spacing in RTF and DOCX exports

* increased speed of database access (up to 6 times faster)
* changed output of language names in an interface language selection dialog
* updated German, Japanese resources
- fixed bug with fonts in SVG export
- fixed bug with default message in ProgressBar window
- fixed bug with AVG function in Map editor
- fixed bug in font packing subsystem (in some rare cases the OS/2 table was overlapped by other tables)
- fixed bug with artifact lines in RoundRectangle with big Curve value
- fixed bug with ParagraphOffset in RTF export
- fixed bug with hints in WebReport toolbar

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