June 05, 2013

FastReport .NET 2013.3 released!

FastReport.NET presents new opportunity for building safe and secure application on FastReport.Service (WCF Service Library). This library can be used for stand-alone application Windows Service and Web-Service in your product. Also added new demos: WCFWindowsService, WCFWebService, WCFClient, WCFWebClient. 

+ added new object SparklineObject (compact chart based on MSChartObject)
+ added save to FTP from preview
+ added Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service Library FastReport.Service.dll
+ added demo of Windows Service \Demos\C#\WCFWindowsService with WCF Service Library
+ added demo of WCF web-service \Demos\C#\WCFWebService
+ added demo of WCF Windows client \Demos\C#\WCFClient
+ added demo of WCF web-client \Demos\C#\WCFWebClient
+ added new methods WebReportGlobals.ScriptsWOjQuery() and WebReportGlobals.StylesWOjQuery() for disable jQuery in WebReport (MVC Razor)
+ added property WebReport.ExternalJquery (default: false) for enable or disable jQuery in WebReport (ASPX)
+ added WeekOfYear function
+ added Slovenian localization
* report.RegisterData(ds) replace existing datasources
- fixed bug with the re-export to PDF from code
- fixed bug in PDF export with print from Acrobat Reader with hyperlinks in document
- fixed bug in Excel 2007 export with styles for multi-page report template
- fixed bug in Excel 2007 export with empty page name
- fixed bug in PDF export with double frame borders

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