March 11, 2013

FastReport .NET 2013.2 released!

We glad to inform you about new version of FastReport.Net with support MVC is one of the most modern technology for web development. MVC is available in Win+WebForms and Professional editions. Read our blog to get more information. Besides, we added  Google Drive for saving your reports to the cloud. 

+ added support of ASP.NET MVC framework (ASPX, Razor) in WebReport
+ added new demos using WebReport in MVC - \Demos\C#\MvcDemo, \Demos\C#\MvcRazor
+ added save in cloud Google Drive from preview
+ added Greek localization
* IMPORTANT! changed extension of WebReport handler (from FastReport.Export.aspx to FastReport.Export.axd),
please check existing web.config
- fixed bug in Dropbox export when Application Key and Secret
- fixed bug in Dropbox with NullReferenceException
- fixed bug with encoding when importing dDase file of Map in DBX export
- fixed excel numeric formats bug
- fixed bug with broken formats after matrix optimization in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with font transparency of empty cells in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with cell duplication on merged cells in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with embedding of monospaced fonts in PDF and XPS exports
- fixed bugs in WebReport with styles
- fixed bug with WebReport.RepotDone
- fixed bug with MasterPages in WebReport
- fixed bug with printing chart legend
- fixed bug in PictureObject

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