May 06, 2010

Another new version of the fast Report Generator for .NET has been released - FastReport .NET v. 1. 4!

What's new in FastReport .NET v. 1. 4!

+ added support for Visual Studio 2010
+ added support for font subgroups for export to PDF
+ added SQL CE connection
+ added the system variable HierachyRow#, which returns strings of digits in hierarchical form
+ added support for table schemas in OleDB and ODBC
+ added NumToWordsEs function to support Spanish
+ Dutch location added
+ added Ukrainian location
+ added Config property.ReportSettings.DefaultPaperSize
+ added HTMLExport property.Print (shows the browser print window when the html document is open, only available in "one-page" mode)
+ added HTMLExport property.PageBreaks (inserts page breaks in "one-page" mode)
+ added ForceLoadData property for all data sources
+ added band property.FirstRowStartsNewPage
+ added Parameter property.Warning
+ added Config property.TempFolder
+ added report property.ReportInfo.PreviewPictureRatio
+ added DataBand property.PrintIfDatasourceEmpty
+ added ChildBand property.PrintIfDatabandEmpty
+ added Config constraint.DesignerSettings.Restrictions.DontCreateData to disable the "Data|Add Data Source" menu..."["Data / add data source..."]
- fixed Row# and StartNewPage bug
- fixed nullable personalization feature bug
- fixed a bug with bands that the CanBreak and StartNewPage properties set as true
- fixed HTML export bug (style skipping when exporting multiple pages in "one-page" mode)
- Fixed bug with plugin registration
- Fixed bug with Dialog controls attached to calculated column
- fixed a bug in creating queries (incorrect connection type)
- improved layout of dialog form controls
- fixed a bug with Dock != None and CanGrow, CanShrink
- fixed HTML export bug
- fixed "Save printer in the report file"option
- fixed a bug in Graph objects (ClearValues method does not work)
- Fixed bug in data wizard
- fixed an error in sums when the Convert null values option is disabled
- Fixed bug with saving reports as VB class
- fixed outline in hierarchical report
- fixed a bug in Chart objects (when trying to group unsorted data by month)
- fixed a bug in the data wizard under OS Vista
- Fixed bug with built-in TTC fonts in PDF export
- Fixed bug with exporting table containing hidden rows * fixed dialog "data wizard" (loading table lists is much faster)
* designer Command DesignerControl.cmdData replaced with cmdAddData and cmdChooseData
* reduced size of result files when exporting HTML
* improved performance when working with complex business objects
* tables in the "data wizard" window are now sorted, the "Sort tables" button has been removed * minor fixes in the Data window (the ability to move up and down the list of parameters using the Ctrl + Up/Down arrow keys)
* installer now adds all builds automatically FastReport.Net the GAC
* fastreport compilation.dll divided into two parts-FastReport.dll, FastReport.Web.dll our customers can download the latest version from the private panel or order FastReport.Net with a favorable discount (also via the link located in the private panel). FastReport.Net it is a fully functional reporting solution for Windows Forms, ASP.NET and WPF. This tool can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005,2008 and 2010, as well as Delphi Prizm. It is written in clear C# language and can work with an application written in C# or VB.Net and also in Pascal (Delphi Prizm). Z FastReport.Net you can create application-independent .NET reports. in other words FastReport.Net it can be a stand-alone tool for creating reports. See for yourself:
* you can connect to any database, work on any tables from these databases or create queries;
* you can add dialog forms to the report to invoke specific parameters before running the report;
* using the built-in script, you can manage the relationships between the controls of dialog forms, handle data in a comprehensive manner;
* finally, you can view the results, print them, and export them to many commonly used document formats.

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