April 02, 2019

New version of FastReport Desktop - 2019.2

In the latest version of FastReport Desktop 2019.2 there is now an ability of object texture fill, escaping quotes in CSV export, added digital signing in PDF export, made interface improvements and fixed some bugs.


Version 2019.2.7


+ added texture fill
* now in the new reports the default font will always be serialized
- fixed bug with incorrect type cast of Nullable types of fields
- fixed a bug with parsing old reports (before 2016), when the Arial 10pt is not loaded in locales jp and zh
- fixed a bug with removing serieses of MSChartObject when AutoSeriesColumn is empty and AutoSeriesForce is false
- fixed bug with infinite loop in AdvancedTextRenderer when WordWrap is true and width of object less than width of one character
- fixed a bug when in some cases the TypeConverter`s were not loaded correctly


+ added "Hide Zeros" item to context menu for text objects
+ added ability to select a style from the context menu
+ added dialogs for text editor closing; now pressing "X" button will be showed dialog for text changes confirmation
+ added an ability to sort Data Sources in Data window
+ added an ability to sort Data Fields in Data window
+ added an ability to change font in query editor


+ added links for images to HTML-export
+ added an ability to escape quotes in CSV export
+ added PDF digital signature
+ added Hyperlinks to Word2007 export
+ added Hyperlinks to Excel2007 export
* Word2007 files gets proper locale now (Res.LocaleName)
- fixed a bug with an extra line break in the Word export
- fixed loss of a RichText border on export with ConvertRichText option enabled
- fixed bug with caps of border lines in PDF export
- fix conversion of bold text in RichObject in PDF export


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