March 18, 2019

New version of FastCube VCL - 2.9

We improved the ability to link CubeGrid and FilterManager so that you could manage filters through drop-down lists of fields in CubeGrid
In XLSX export we significantly improved memory consumption through elimination of the buffers as well as sped up exporting process. Upload of massive cross-tables is now very easy.
We also improved compatibility with FastCube .Net. Starting with this version all ANSI-lines will be written in UTF-8.
There is now support of RAD Studio 10.3 Rio.

+ Added TfcxCube.SaveExtras to allow saving of Filters and Charts together with cube.
+ New cube format version with ansi-strings in UTF-8 format for compatibility with .Net
+ Added support for RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
+ Added TfcxSliceGrid.OnAcceptDrag event which allows to control DragDrop operations in grid
+ Added TfcxSlice.SyncronizeYFieldsWidth property which set width syncronization between axis level and field caption
+ Added SliceGrid.OnDrawItem event.
+ Changed CubeGrid header draw and added drop down with filter if FilterManager property set.
+ Changed format of all slice fields are saved in schema.
* Fixed cell height calculations for large strings
* Chaned XLSX export to reduce memory use and increase export spead for large cross-tabs
- Fixed error with cell detail
- Fixed error with Variant to Double conversion in cell highlight calculation
- Fixed error with group rename from popup menu
- Fixed error with unknown script language (.Net cube)
- Fixed error with Selection
- Fixed error with sequential loading from multiple sources (UseMultyLoad)
- Fixed error with splitting of Null date
- Fixed error with TIBBCDField in RAD Studio 10.*
- Fixed error with UpdateStyles TfcxCustomGrid.UpdatePainter
- Fixed error with loading of empty cube

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