February 12, 2020

New version of FastCube VCL - 2.10

What's new in FastCube VCL 2.10:


This release brings expressions support to FastCube VCL. Before it was only possible to add calculated measures or totals using the script. Which was quite inconvenient for people handling reports on daily basis. So we decided to add expressions which you may know from other products of FastReports.

Please checkout our updated documentation and examples to better understand expressions and how they work.


Ignore case option for range expressions

We use range expressions for custom dimension filters and for measure highlight rules. Since this release you are able to ignore or consider the case for text comparisions in range expressions.

You can either do it in code by Range.IgnoreCase property or in the range editor.

Other changes

  • Added methods TfcxCustomNodePopup.ExpandAll, TfcxCustomNodePopup.CollapseAll, property TfcxCustomGrid.AutoExpandPopups (true by default) which defines whether to expand/collapse all PopupWindow automatically on show.
  • Added clear buttons to the measure editor form.
  • Added date split to half year.


  • Fixed error with loading chart for Lazarus.
  • Fixed compilation for Lazarus/FPC.
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