December 07, 2007

FastCube 1.2 released!

FastCube 1.2
+ added property SelectedArea in TfcGrid (coordinate of selected area in Grid)
+ added possibility of changing PopUpList width
+ added save PopUpList width in slice
+ added split of Time (Hour, Minute, Second). Cube option: mdcoMakeTimes.
+ added event onGetStyles in TfrcGrid for setting styles of TfrcCrossView in report
+ added possibility of removing fields from list when loading from DataSet. Use event OnGetFieldConv.
+ added new property Version in TfcCube
* allow set MakeTotal into Slice.BeginUpdate ...  Slice.EndUpdate.
* added check version in Recompile Wizard for FastCube
* default value for NullStr is ''
* in measure editor change precision to DisplayFormat
* renamedclass TfrxChartEditor to TfrcChartEditor
- fix error loading of FMTBCD
- fix error loading of TimeStamp
- fix error with calculated fields in DataSet
- fix memory leak in TfcUniqueValues.Find
- fix some bugs of axis grid paint 
- fix error of loading filed caption in TfcSlice.LoadFromStream
- fix error creating of TfcSourceGrid
- fix error in LoadFromStream
- fix error with OnChange in TfcGrid
- fix error with deletion of TfcGrid if it is assigned to TfcToolBar
- fix error with deletion of TfcGrid if it is assigned to TfcGridReport

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