April 07, 2020

New version of FastCube .NET 2020.1

Added ASP.NET Core package

Starting with this version we add ASP.Net Core support. Two interactive web-controls are ready for use: WebSliceGrid and WebCubeGrid (SliceGrid and CubeGrid for web).





Highlight of measure cells

In this version we significantly improved FastCube .Net cell highlight abilities. We added new highlight classes, improved classes we had before and fixed errors.

* TopHighlight class - highligh most and least cells
* AverageHighlight - highlight cells comparing with average
* UniqueHighlight - highlight repeatable and unique cells
* ExpressionHighlight - highlight cells matched expressions

* We also imporoved bar chart highlight (ContinuousHighlight class): now negative and positive values can be drawn using different style and on different sides of axis.

Please refer to our updated FastCube .Net documentation for more details and usage examples.

Saving to clouds

We added support for saving cube, slice and exports to Google Drive, DropBox and FTP

Other major changes

* Export menu is merged with Save menu in SliceGridToolBar and CubeGridToolBar
* Moved Highlight classes to the FastReport.Olap.Highlight namespace
* Major refactoring of the ContinousHighlight with breaking of the compatibility:
Before: ContinuousHighlightValueType enum had BoundByRow, BoundByCol, PercentByRow, PercentByCol, PercentileByRow, PercentileByCol elements.
Now: Those elements replaced by Bound, Percent and Percentile elements. Added new enum HighlightScanDirection and the approptiate property ScanDirection
common for all Highlight types with the Auto, Rows and Columns elements. New saves wont correctly work in the old version and in the current version of FastCube VCL 2.
Effect: Highlight setup simplification due to reduced combobox lists. Auto element suit for most cases and does not break highlight (as before)
after "Measures" field move from the rows to the columns and vice versa.


* Fixed error with "copy to clipboard" operation of the SliceGrid data zone cells.
* Fixed error with the chart building.
* Fixed error with closing passed stream inside the Cube.Save(Stream) method.
* Fixed error with export to XLS format

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