February 22, 2019

New version of FastCube .NET - 2019.2


FastCube is a tool for desktop OLAP analysis. FastCube .Net includes components for data access, processing and storing structurized data as well as for vizualing information that has been already processed.
The main component of our library - cross table - allows to perform filtering, sorting, drill-down, drill-up, drill through, pivoting and many other operations.

+ Added BeforeProgress event to grids
+ Added more items to CubeGrid context menu
+ Added property CubeGrid.FilterManager
+ Added classes UniqueValuesFieldFilterDataProvider, CubeFilterPopup and FilterOrderedRecordSet
* Significantly speedup Excel2007 export for big tables, reduced memory use
* Slice clearing resets "Measures" field caption
- Fixed progress form localization
- Fixed localization errors

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