October 21, 2021

The new version of FastCube FMX - 2021.1

New features

Now FastCube OLAP decision cube for FireMonkey supports the new RAD Studio 11 Alexandria. On top of that, we have improved the interface - there are new items in the context menus, improved the ability to search for values. We also fixed bugs.

 FastCube FMX 2021.1

New licensing model

Starting version 2021.1 all FastCube FMX editions are subscription-based. It means that you will always have an up-to-date version as long as your subscription is valid.

Full list of changes

+ Add support for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria.

+ Axis position changes on DblClick in the axis field popup.

+ Added search in the popup list of unique values by pasting from the clipboard.

+ Added "Copy" menu item to the axis menu. Item copies dimension value to the clipboard.

* Fixed keyboard handling in the popup grid list (grid must have CanFocus = True).

* DataZone gets the focus and therefore keyboard handling on the grid focus (grid must have CanFocus = True).


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