September 01, 2020

New version of FastCube FMX 1.5

Update with support of the latest version of IDE and new highlighting options




+ Added support for RAD Studio 10.4
+ Added cell highlight option compared with average value (TfcxAverageHighlight).
+ Added most/least N cell highlight option (TfcxTopHighlight).
+ Added repeatable/unique cell highlight option (TfcxUniqueHighlight).
+ Added cell highlight based on expressions (TfcxExpressionHighlight).
+ Added negative value settings for ContinuousHighlight with Kind = ContinuousHighlightKind.BarChart
+ Added event TfcxCustomToolbar.BeforeDialogExecute
* Major refactoring of the TfcxContinousHighlight with breaking of the compatibility:
Before: TfcxContinuousHighlightValueType enum had BoundByRow, BoundByCol, PercentByRow, PercentByCol, PercentileByRow, PercentileByCol elements.
Now: Those elements replaced by Bound, Percent and Percentile elements. Added new enum TfcxHighlightScanDirection and the approptiate property ScanDirection
common for all Highlight types with the Auto, Rows and Columns elements. New saves wont correctly work in the old version.
Effect: Highlight setup simplification due to reduced combobox lists. Auto element suit for most cases and does not break highlight (as before)
after "Measures" field move from the rows to the columns and vice versa.
- Fixed errors with PopupMenu showing

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