October 03, 2013

New version FastReport VCL 4.15

Traditionally supports the most wide range of Delphi versions (from 4th to XE5 for today).
64x supports as well as 32x (sorry we forgot to write about at the previous release where whas also).
C++Builder SUpport as well as Delphi (yes XE5 is supporting now too).

Traditionally Fast Reporting and XML as the main report format.

+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 support
+ Added Internal components for FireDac database engine
+ fixed bug with images in PDF export for OSX and iOS viewers
+ Added ability to set font charset to default in Style Editor
- fixed duplex problem when printing several copies of the report
- fixed problem with PNG images
- fixed problem with TfrxPictureView transparent


If you need a little bit much more than internal FastReport VCL Embarcadero Edition - see comparison table

P.S. Sorry, we are working hard on FastReport VCL 5 now, so no so many changes. Follow our news :-)

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