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FastReport .Net 2017.3

15 mai 2017

Dans la nouvelle version de FastReport .Net 2017.3, nous avons ajouté 2 code-barres : Intelligent Mail Barcode exploité par USPS et MaxiCode qui achemine des information sur le fret pendant le transport. Nous avons aussi inclus la possibilité d'attacher des fichiers au PDF qui permet de créer des e-factures au format ZUGFeRD. Voici maintenant un exemple d'utilisation de FastReport .Net avec le cadre ASP.NET Web API.

Toutes les modifications :


+ added Intelligent Mail (USPS) barcode
+ added MaxiCode barcode
+ added property Report.ReportInfo.Tag
+ added property Report.ReportInfo.SaveMode
+ added support functions with optional parameters
* added thread-safe collections support for .net 4


+ added ability of multi-line editing of Report.ReportInfo.Description and Report.ReportInfo.Tag
- fixed bug with wrong width of different lines of border


+ added ability to embed any file in PDF export with methods: PDFExport.AddEmbeddedXML, PDFExport.AddEmbeddedFile
- fixed creating blank page after a table in RTF and Word2007 exports
- fixed bug with bands Exportable property
- fixed appearance of dates in Excel2007 export
- fixed bug with padding and height of text in PDF export
- fixed bug with black boxes in exports


+ added new example for working with ZUGFeRD and PDF/A-3b \Demos\C#\ZUGFeRD
+ added new example for Web API \Demos\C#\Web\WebApi
- fixed bug with relative path to JSON file in JSON connector


+ added properties WebReport.RequestHeaders, WebReport.ResponseHeaders
+ added catching of exceptions on call of WebReport.DesignerSaveCallBack
- fixed page margins in printing from browser
- fixed bug with lines in HTML export and WebReport
- fixed TTF exceptions processing for PDFExport

[Online Designer]

+ added support of new property ReportInfo.Tag in Report object
- fixed muli-level view of childs links
- property Padding can contain only integer values