Features of FastReport FMX

Internal ADO datasets      
Internal BDE datasets        
Internal IBX datasets  
Internal DBX datasets  
Shape object
Text object
Sub-report object
Picture object
System text object
Chart object
Barcode object  
2D Barcode object  
OLE Object        
Rich Text object        
Gradient object  
Cross-tab object  
Checkbox object  
WEB components        
Advanced printing modes        
Report inheritance
HTML tags in text object
Preview component
Preview window
Designer (end user)  
Designer (developer)
Export to PDF    ✓ native OS print dialog
Export to PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP  
without GIF/TIFF
Export to RTF  
Export to XLS (OLE)        
Export to XLS (XML)  
Export to XLS (BIFF)        
Email export        
Export to CSV  
Export to TXT  
Export to ODS    
Export to ODT    
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