FastReport. NET herramienta de informes para ASP.NET y MVC con fuente completa

Demo version

Download the trial version of advanced report generation tool for .NET FastReport .NET for free. It can be used with .NET Framework, .NET 5, ASP .NET MVC, .NET Core, Blazor.

Trial version restrictions:

  • Print 5 pages of report only.
  • watermark on the printed page: "Demo version".

How to uninstall

File Date Size
FastReport .NET trial version 15 oct. 2021 20:09 52.19
FastReport .NET CoreWin Demo 13 sept. 2021 11:53 19.79


File Date Size
User's Manual (.pdf) 25 oct. 2021 10:25 5.66
Programmer's manual (.pdf) 25 oct. 2021 10:23 1.24
On-line Documentation 25 oct. 2021 10:21


File Date Size
Convertor from Crystal Reports (*.rpt) to FastReport .NET (*.frx) file 18 may. 2021 10:34
Data connections (Firebird, MySQL, Postgres, VistaDB, Oracle, IBM DB2, SQLite) 8 dic. 2020 16:42