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Reporting with PostgreSQL in a .NET 5 application for Debian 10

Marat Alaev

Many need a solution that will generate reports for Linux systems, and support working with SQL-like databases and not only. We have such a solution FastReport.Core. This library allows you to create ...

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How to update FastReport Online Designer to the latest version

Stas Antonenko

Starting with version 2021.4.5 FastReport Online Designer is switched to new licensing. You can read more about it in the license agreement. Along with it, there’s a new way of installing th...

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How to import a report from StimulSoft into FastReport .NET

Vladislav Yarovoy

Import of StimulSoft reports is now available with the 2022.2.13 release. To use it, go to the “File” menu in the FastReport .NET designer, FastReport CoreWin and FastReport Mono and click...

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