FastReport .NET vs RDL

Yes! FastReport .NET suports the RDL standard (Report Definition Language) and allows full compatibility with RDL templates and the saving of templates in RDL format. Also, you can save FR's templates into RDL format.

However, look at the comparison table of formats. Consider whether you need to save your reports in RDL format - FastReport .NET not only has more a advanced report designer but the FR format also has a large palette of objects. Make your choice! 


Simple list report

FastReport .NET vs RDL FastReport .NET vs RDL FastReport .NET vs RDL

Text report

FastReport .NET vs RDL FastReport .NET vs RDL FastReport .NET vs RDL

Report Design FeaturesFastReport .NETRDL
Multiple Report Pages x -
Dialogue Form Pages x -
Script x -
Multiple Reporting Bands on Page x x
Final Report Modification x x
Hyperlink Embedding x x
Event Handlers x -
Scripting Events/Expressions x -
Right-to-left Text Support x x
Localization of UI x x
Report Bands
Report Title x -
Report Summary x -
Page Header x x
Page Footer x x
Column Header x x
Column Footer x x
Header x -
Data/Body x x
Footer x -
Group Header x -
Group Footer x -
Child x -
Overlay x -
Report Objects
Text x x
Picture x x
Line x x
Rectangle x x
Rounded Rectangle x -
Ellipse x -
Triangle x -
Diamond x -
Sub-report x x
Table x x
Matrix x x
Chart x x
Barcode x -
Gauge - x
Rich Text x -
CheckBox x -
Zip Code x -
Cellular Text x -
List - x
Report Export Features
HTML x -
 XML x x
PDF x x
RTF x -
Email x -
Proprietary File Type x -
CSV x x
DOC x x
 XLS x x
 XHTML Mobile - -
PowerPoint x -
OpenOffice x -
 XPS x -
DBF x -
MHT x x
Text x -
BMP x -
GIF x -
JPEG x -
PNG x -
TIFF x x
Vector Graphics Format x -

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