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How to use FastReport Core in Linux

September 14, 2017

Author - Dmitriy Fedyashov

In the previous article we have considered an example of using a new product of FastReport - the FastReport Core. That was an example for Windows. This time we will overview an example for Linux. First of all, for Linux need additional libraries, which may not be installed by default: Libgdiplus...

Run of ASP.NET applications in the operating system Linux Debian

November 11, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

The Mono project allows you to run applications that use the .NET Framework in the any operating system different from Windows. Now we will launch FastReport.Mono in Linux Debian. The same settings will be applied to all derived from Debian systems, such as Ubuntu. First, we need to install Mono: ...

Installing FastReport 4 for Lazarus

July 1, 2013

Author - Den Zubov

Not so long ago we have added support of Lazarus IDE for FastReport 4 VCL (starts from Pro version, because Lazarus updates recently and require source codes for recompilation). As it's still in the beta stage there is no any detailed instruction about its installation, yet. This basic article will...