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Create a PDF file on button press in browser

April 11, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

When you use the FastReport .Net together ASP.Net MVC framework you have easy method for creating file in any supported format on button press in HTML form. Add next code in View: @using (Html.BeginForm("GetFile", "Home")) { <input id="pdf" type="submit" value="Export to PDF" /> } ...

FastReport .Net and jQuery

April 1, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

The object WebReport from FastReport .Net use jQuery library. You already can use this library in your own project. To avoid duplication of boot scripts and styles jQuery to the client browser when working with markup Razor, you need to use the following lines in _Layout.cshtml: @WebReport...

Highlighting Even Rows in Reports (Zebra Striping)

March 27, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

We often use zebra striping of table data for easy viewing the reports. Highlighting even rows is good for viewing but they look strange on paper or in Excel table. FastReport users have two methods for using highlighting only in preview window. Method #1 You need to open report in the Designer a...

FastReport .Net 2013.2 MVC

March 11, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

We have released FastReport .Net 2013.2 with MVC support. And I'd like to inform all WebReport developers about some changes. First. An extension of the handler in web.config was changed. You need replace old string «FastReport.Export.aspx» to new string «FastReport.Export.axd&raq...

Calling "FastReport COM/ActiveX" from C# applications on 64-bit platforms.

November 12, 2012

Author - Aleksey Mandrykin

Calling "FastReport COM/ActiveX" from C# applications on 64-bit platforms. Simple solution: It is necessary to set 32-bit platform in project options. Here is an example (note: platform target is x86): Perfect solution: Download demo version of FastReport.NET. Use this tool for conversion FR...

Generating WEB reports with Mono

September 18, 2012

Author - Aleksey Mandrykin

There is a possibility of executing an ASP.NET web application under the Apache web server that is running on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, and others operating systems. You may need to install several packages: the Apache web server the runtime Mono mod_mono xsp server (implements ASP.NET-...

Sending reports by E-mail via MAPI protocol

September 7, 2012

Author - Aleksey Mandrykin

FastReport.VCL with the very first version uses the original realization of SMTP protocol, written for sending generated reports via email. Excellent implementation, which is used by many users. These days some providers of postal services have demanded secure authentication to send mail, therefore ...

Running FastReport.Mono on Mac OS X

July 25, 2012

Author - Aleksey Mandrykin

We often get questions about running FastReport.Mono on Mac OS X - people ask how to run Microsoft (exe) files on Apple devices. The answer lies in the product name - you should install Mono Framework on your device before running the report generator. Here is URL for MonoFramework: http://download...

Inside of TrueType font

March 26, 2012

Author - Aleksey Mandrykin

Inside of TrueType font Most used today font type is the TrueType fonts. TrueType technology was invented by Apple in late 1980. Now TrueType standard dominates over all other font types. Are there any reasons to know what is font? I know at least a single reason – embedding fonts into documen...

Embarcadero webinar questions and answers

February 17, 2012

Author - Michael Philippenko

At 7th of February I took a part in Embarcadero webinar RAD Studio Reporting with FastReport. Here you can see my presentation video Thanks to all attendees for participation and for questions! We got set of different interesting questions. I think answers will be useful for all. Here there are: Q: ...