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Run of ASP.NET applications in the operating system Linux Debian

November 11, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

The Mono project allows you to run applications that use the .NET Framework in the any operating system different from Windows. Now we will launch FastReport.Mono in Linux Debian. The same settings will be applied to all derived from Debian systems, such as Ubuntu. First, we need to install Mono: ...

Dynamically create a Table in XAML

October 25, 2013

Author - Aleksey Krakovcev

Sometimes when we develop the WPF applications we need create tables with different configurations for output any data. Using the base tools of Visual Studio or Blend do not allow to reach the desired result or not always possible. Objects can be added programmatically to the form directly in the...

Tabs in WebReport

October 21, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

We can use tabs to view multiple reports in WebReport in version FastReport.NET 2013.4 and newer. Tabs can be useful for viewing many reports with additional information. Each report in tab has own navigation and may be attached to any data source. Saving in different formats is performed for ea...

Creating the WCF service hosted in windows service

August 1, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

Today we will create a Windows service, which will serve as the WCF service. An example will be based on the use of the library FastReport.Service.dll (WCF Service Library), which can be found in the package of FastReport .NET. Open Visual Studio and create a project WindowsService. Open the des...

Creating Web Service using FastReport.Service.dll

July 8, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

We have an easy way to implement a web service using the library FastReport.Service.dll (WCF Service Library), which is supplied with FastReport .Net. Our example is based on creating a simple web application with a web service functions, but you can modify your existing project based on .NET Frame...

Installing FastReport 4 for Lazarus

July 1, 2013

Author - Den Zubov

Not so long ago we have added support of Lazarus IDE for FastReport 4 VCL (starts from Pro version, because Lazarus updates recently and require source codes for recompilation). As it's still in the beta stage there is no any detailed instruction about its installation, yet. This basic article will...

FastReport.Net WCF - simple example

June 20, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

Today we review the simplest way to use the library FastReport.Service.dll as WCF service. This example does not require programming and is intended for testing of library and configuration file. To complete the task, we use the program WcfSvcHost.exe, that comes with Visual Studio: Create a fol...

FastReport WCF Service Library

June 10, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

Today we will talk about the new library FastReport.Service.dll which appeared in FastReport.Net 2013.3. This library is a WCF Service Library and is intended for use in custom services. Now library contains the following features: List<ReportItem> GetReportsList(); List<Report...

Report generator with visual designer in Visual Studio Express Edition

May 27, 2013

Author - Michael Philippenko

Visual Studio Express Edition by Microsoft is a popular software development enveronment. It is popular also because it is free. By the way this tool as all that is free has some lacks. In particular complexities with using some add-onces, third party components. For example many popular component...

FastReport.Net on mobile devices

May 21, 2013

Author - Alexander Fediachov

Modern mobile technologies provide worldwide access to any information. FastReport .Net brings reports in your favorite tablet or phone, and helps you communicate with dialogs. Today we test preview of the reports FastReport.Net on some mobile devices with touch-oriented UI. We have created the web...