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                            Current version
- Fixed active cell for XLS with several sheets in the BIFF8 export
- Fixed UTF-8 support for geodata from DBF
* Improved FireDAC DB components
* Improved fonts' simulation, exporting of images and checkboxes in the PDF export
- Fixed inplace editors in the designer
- Fixed numeric formats with ";" in XLSX export
- Fixed FireDAC for x64 platform
+ Added FireDAC to recompile.exe
- Fixed for AV in RichEdit when using OLE object under Windows 10 with last update
- Fixed ModifyObject for default values
* Improved Quick Report to Fast Report converter
+ Added PDF/A-1, PDF/A-3 support
- Fixed TTF tables align. Now it uses zeros for align, not garbage memory
- Fixed macro variables in the table object
- Fixed series in the script for TeeChart 8 Professional and later
- Fixed bug when save dialog appears for exports to Stream
- Fixed MS Office resources for DOCX export
+ Added ability to load geodata from DB
* First test version of RTL layout for all report objects/bands.
  The base idea to keep the original layout in the report template and switch to RTL only in preview (during page loading).
+ Added TfrxUserDataset demo
[6.2.11 - 6.2.12]
+ Added ability to internet IOTransports send files without dialogs from code
* IsStoredProp function in XMLSerializer optimization for XE3 and above.
  We don't use attributes in our code and skip them in our version of IsStoredProp.
  It's improve performance of report preparation almost x2 times (crosstab reports).
  Tested with XE3, XE6, XE7, 10, 10.2. The code is the same for all RTL, but need future check for all upcoming IDE's.
* Reworked exported bounds for barcodes with outbound text via Vector output
- Fixed wrong barcode size in PDF export on Win10 with font scaling > 100%
- Fixed EAN13 barcode rendering
+ Added xtDate support for Arrow and Bubble series
- Fixed PNG images in the exports
- Fixed font names table and horizontal_metrix_table return values
[6.2.9 - 6.2.10]
* Improved Gauges script RTTI
+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3 Rio support
* TfrxOLEView Editor form is scaled now
[6.2.6 - 6.2.8]
- Fixed right align for some fonts in the PDF export
- Fixed WheelDelta in the designer
- Moved some non-translated strings to resourses
- Removed global frxDrawText from preview draw
- Fixed warnings for XE
- Fixed TfrxMemoView.Duplicates in the TfrxSubreport
[6.2.4 - 6.2.5]
- Fixed recent files in the ini file storage
- Fixed errors processing in the transports
- Fixed code editor for long script
- Fixed text wrapping for traditional Chinese
+ Added CharSpacing support in the SVG export
+ Added TfrxMemoView.UnderlinesTextMode property. (ulmNone - no show under lines, ulmUnderlinesAll - show under lines
  at the whole area of object, ulmUnderlinesText - show under lines for text only, ulmUnderlinesTextAndEmptyLines - 
  show under lines for text and empty lines)
- Fixed AV in the PDF export with some fonts
+ Added procedure AddIgnoreChecksum(FamilyName: String) and procedure DeleteIgnoreChecksum(FamilyName: String)
  in the frxTrueTypeFont unit
- Fixed TfrxMemoView.Underlines rendering
- Fixed GS1-128 parsing
- Fixed Outline checkbox behavior in the PDF export dialog
- Fixed AV when field name not exists in the dataset 
- Prevent flickering in the report preview with drill-down reports
- Fixed random crashed during report reloads 
- Fixed exporting of TfrxTableCell with HTMLTags to PDF

Version 6.2
- Fixed SVG and HTML5 exports with MultiPage=True

+ Added new map layer which allows to load geo-data from DB (supports WKT and WKB)
* Internet transports improved and removed dependencies from third-party components (removed Indy HTTPS dependency)

+ Added new CanShrink property for all stretchable objects
* Re-worked and optimized standard shift mechanism (ShiftEngine = seTree)
+ Added new linear shift mechanism (mechanism can be changed by ShiftEngine property of Band. ShiftEngine = seLinear)
- Fixed TfrxReport in the object inspector
- Fixed TfrxPreviewForm.FormClose

- Fixed loading of TfrxReport.PrintIfEmpty property
- Fixed XLSX export for MS Excel 2003 compatibility
- Fixed page number editor in the preview
- Fixed 2D barcodes scaling when AutoSize = False and FontScaled = False
- Fixed preview's restoring in the C++ Builder
+ Added CharCase property for dialog controls
- Fixed GS1 Code 128 encoding

- Fixed OnContentChanged event for some cases
- Fixed font's exporting in the TfrxDOCXExport
- Fixed TfrxMemoView with Clipped = False in the preview
- Fixed expressions processing for memos with DataField
+ Added possibility to set custom font color in the style editor
+ Added ParagraphGap in the DOCX export
- Fixed ParagraphGap in the HTML export

- Fixed ParagraphGap in the RTF export
- Fixed LineSpacing in the RTF export
+ Added TfrxPreview.PageSetupDialog for C++Builder compatibility

- Fixed expressions in the TfrxRichView for Windows 10
- Fixed font embedding in PDF export for some fonts
- Fixed height calculation of memo object for large font size
- Fixed issue when CheckBox.Checked state doesn't save properly
- Fixed PDF export bug when some text may appears as RTL

- Fixed error when TfrxDBDataset.UserName = report's object name
- Fixed TfrxDBDataset.Next for RangeEnd = reCurrent and RangeBegin = rbCurrent
* Cross Editor form is sized now
- Fixed Indy 10 with Delphi 7
- Fixed editors' windows restoring (menu View-Options-Restore defaults)
* Changed function GetStreamHash to procedure for C++Builder compatibility

- Fixed frame width in the DOCX and XLSX exports
- Fixed bad export output of RTF tables with page breaks

- Fixed division by zero in the PDF export
- Fixed bug in Biff8 export when old Excel versions won't open document
- Fixed Self value when using in Table cells
+ Added new helpers for Guidelines
- Fixed bug with MouseEnter/Leave events under x64 environment

* Changed method name TfrxView.GetMetaFile to GetVectorGraphic for C++Builder compatibility
- Fixed  export of Table object via EMF processor
- Added EMR_PIE processing via EMF
+ Added Lazarus package (first Alpha version of main package)

- Fixed export Hebrew font via EMF processor
- Fixed crash when using the report Designer on panel
- Fixed export of Table object in PDF
- Fixed issue when DialogForm appears twice for DetailPage report

* Improved PDF and SVG export for Rotated text
- Fixed RTF export when document with page breaks had wrong objects size
- Fixed events for objects inside table when AutoSize set to False
+ Added new events for TfrxUserDataset (OnGetBlobValue/OnIsBlobField) for blobs processing
- Fixed PDF structure which may cause incorrect output in some PDF Viewers
- Fixed searching of expressions inside RichText with linebreak under Windows8 and above
- Fixed interactive objects events in preview (which may causes map shaking)
+ Added RTTI for USPS Intelligent Mail and GS1 Code128 barcodes
- Fixed initial values for USPS Intelligent Mail and GS1 Code128 barcodes
+ Added RTTI for TfrxCellurarTextObject

+ Added new barcode auto-encode GS1-Code128 (use simple GS1 rules)
- Fixed Crosstab bug with OnCalcWidth event when returned Width = MaxWidth
- Fixed memory leak in the TfrxMailExport with Indy
- Fixed FIB packages
- Fixed export filter error when DefaultPath not empty and FileName with full path

+ Added handing of Crosstab.OnCalcWidth event when AutoSize set to false
- Fixed Docx export with east Asia fonts names
- Fixed error caused by OnReportClickObject event
- Fixed issue when frxDotMatrixExport shows save file dialog
- Fixed shift mechanism for Table object
- Fixed FlowTo mechanism for objects used inside Table object

+ Added TfrxReportPage.AlignChildren support in the script RTTI
- Fixed Unknown error(1110) in the TfrxMailExport
- Fixed issue when decreasing height of column in OnCalcHeight event cut off text in column header
- Fixed bug when changing export ShowDialog property in AfterPrint event doesn't work
- Fixed bug with TfrxDBDataSet.OnNext event

Version 6.1
- Fixed TfrxMailExport.ConfurmReading in the export dialog
- Fixed hints in the preview
+ Added &A; &B; &C; &D; start/stop control codes for Codabar barcodes
- Improved ODT export filter to use different styles for different report pages
- Improved ODT export filter to use max page sizes for Continues sheet
- Fixed table(objects) width in ODT export filter (doesn't stretch to page width);
- Fixed text processing with AllowHTML in ODT export filter
- Fixed TfrxDateEditControl with WeekNumbers = True for Windows XP

- Fixed bug when OnPreviewClick does not refresh modified object
- Fixed performance drop with objects "Shift" mechanism
- Fixed C++ Builder issue with TfrxReportPage
- Fixed saving of processing property in DFM

+ Added support of PDF/A-2 format

- Improved rotated text in PDF, SVG and HTML-Div export filters
- Fixed bug with expressions processing and Drill-Down groups

- Fixed EMF export
- Fixed export of table object in graphics export filters
- Added Arabic numbers substitution in PDF export (with RTLReading)

- Fixed calculating of table cell with vertical Font rotation
- Fixed Hindy and Thai ligatures in PDF export
- Fixed Char spacing with HAlign in PDF export
- Fixed Copy/Paste of internal DB component
- Fixed vertical barcodes borders
- Fixed ADO parameters in the designer

+ Added Anchors for report objects and Dialog controls
+ Added Table rtti helpers for TableWidth and TableHeight properties
- Fixed bug in IO transports with network path (in DefaultPath)
- Improved multi-threading support in PDF export
- Fixed bug with bad position of images in PDF export

+ Added AutoSize property for barcodes (default true), set it to false prevent component from size changing (changes zoom instead)
+ Added MinWidth and MaxWidth for table column can be set ti limit auto size (0 unlimited)
+ Added MinHeight and MaxHeight for table row can be set ti limit auto size (0 unlimited)
- Fixed bug when using detail report with inheritance and OnLoadTemplate event

+ Added new report variables TableRow and TableColumn can be used inside table objects
+ Added ability to set path for "Indy" library in Recompile
+ Added new align mode baHidden objects with this mode don't collide with others
- Fixed line spacing in PDF and SVG exports
- Fixed ADO parameters
- Fixed highlight editor for group of objects
- Fixed issues with band Fill/Frame and aligned objects 
- Fixed bug in column header with band Frame/Fill
- Fixed exporting of report properties  in OXML exports
- Fixed FNC1 processing in Datamatrix barcode
- Fixed PadLeft/PadRight functions under with unicode environment
- Fixed issue when used RangeEnd = reCount to limit records of the dataset
- Fixed error which can appear after deleting table column

+ Added TfrxChild.ToNRows and ToNRowsMode properties allows to fill empty page space (see 15.fr3 report in FRMain demo)
- Fixed aggregate functions for table object
- Fixed issues when paste data component to report page
- Fixed SlaveExport property for export filters

+ Added TfrxPreviewOptions.AllowPreviewEdit property - Set it to False to disable any interactive editors in the report preview
- Fixed export of images embedded in RichView
- Optimization for big tables and big reports (Designer can handle tables with 10000 cells and more)
- Fixed vertical band behavior in the report designer
- Objects containers like table can be used on vertical bands
- Fixed SaveDialog when FileName is empty
- Fixed OpenAfterExport behavior
- Fixed HTML Tags in RTF export

Fixes and improvements during beta
+ Added Cellular Text object
+ Added TfrxPageControl.OnChanging event
+ Added new Interactive map layer (it possible to draw on map layer)
+ Added ability to copy/paste table's rows/columns
+ Added events for PageControl component
+ Added Object selection in report preview (Hold Shift and mouse click + move. Use PreviewOptions.Buttons to turn it off)
+ Added New copy/paste editors (it's possible to copy content of objects)
+ Added TfrxPageControl.HotTrack property
+ Added Band.AlignChildren in script Rtti
+ Added Rtti module for Table object (and example how to use it)
+ Added TfrxPageControl for dialog form
+ Added Gauge control for dialog form
- Added IO packages to recompile.exe
- Improved export of Table and CellularText objects
- Improved compatibility with components designed for FR5 (like FastCube report components)
- Improved vector export engine
- Guidelines now works with table rows/columns
- Optimized Table object XML serialization
- InPlace editors now stores state in system Registry
- Fixed codepage in TfrxRichView under Windows 10
- Fixed resorces in export dialogs
- Fixed Height calculation of TfrxMemoView with vertical font rotation
- Fixed DropDown inplace editor
- Fixed copy/paste codepage for Table object
- Fixed copy/paste of whole Table object
- Added missing text resources
- Fixed problem with wrong text wrap in PDF export (in some cases)
- Fixed problem with "tight" text in PDF export (symbols overlap each other)
- Fixed problem with AutoWidth and Preview
- Fixed Error message after closing IDE
- Fixed compatibility with C++Builder
- Fixed IO filters issue
- Removed unused Options from "Options dialog"
- Several visual improvements of Designer and Preview UI
- Added missing icons for TfrxComponent's
- Fixed Horizontal and Vertial text align in SVG and HTML5 exports
- Fixed missing IOTransport package for Delphi 2010
- Fixed bug with TfrxMemoView.Unerlines
- Fixed AV in the PDF export
- Fixed MirrorMargins in PDF export
- Fixed missing resources for some languages
- Fixed preview save dialog without Transport filters
- Fixed compressed report
- Fixed text kerning in PDF export
- Fixed duplicated field in TfrxDBDataSet
- Fixed issue with Table object in some exports filters
- Fixed compatibility with old E-mail export filter (better to use new Transports)
- Fixed Interactive maps with detailed report
- Fixed problem with map editor (adjust maps to wrong layers)
- Fixed missing default string resources
- Fixed error in Code Completion thread when using fsGlobalUnit
- Fixed Break points saving in file
- Fixed container dialog controls behavior in report designer workspace
- Fixed save to file IOTransport registration
- Fixed IOTransport network path
- Fixed several issues with TfrxPageControl
- Moved some fixes and improvements from Fast Report 5 branch
- Fixed InPlace data editor