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                            Version 6.4
+ Added support of HiDpi interface(DpiAware, Per-Monitor V1, Per-Monitor V2 modes)
+ Added initial support for Lazarus (Engine, Designer, Preview, Export filters: HTML, HTML5, RTF, DBF, CSV, ODS, ODT, XML, PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX)
+ Added new GS1 Databars barcodes
+ Added new export filter to ZPL (Zebra printer) format
+ Added support of HTML5 in TfrxReportServer component
+ Added AllowMirrorMode property to control RTL of selected objects when mcmOnlyAllowed used in Page.MirrorMod
+ Added support for VeraPDF validation in PDFA export
* Optimized 2D barcodes draw/print
* Improved Cross.NextCross mechanism with DownThenAcros (now column band of NextCross shouldn't overlap)
* Improved converters from other report generators (ConverterQR2FR, ConverterRB2FR modules)
* Reworked PDF and SVG exports output
* Improved export of HTML tags in SVG export
* Improved ToNRowMode and now works with MultiColumn data band and Subreport with PrintOnParent
* Improved 2D barcodes to support escape symbols
- Fixed Code tab activation after script debugging
- Fixed Underlines with LineSpacing
- Fixed export of font names in the PPTX export
- Fixed TfrxMemoView.Underlines error
- Fixed TfrxPrintOptions.Printer value when printer changed
- Fixed font table in the RTF export
- Fixed ConfigFileName in the TfrxReportServer
- Fixed export of hyperlinks to protected PDF
- Fixed AV in the TfrxPreview
- Fixed ParagraphGap for rotated text
- Fixed OpenAfterExport for SeparateFiles = True
- Fixed bad position when insert new event handler in code editor
- Fixed wrong clipping in preview when Clipped=false
- Fixed wrong order of components in inherited reports
- Font dialog does not set charset anymore for D2009 and above
- Fixed sheet name encoding in the XLSX export
- Fixed bug when DetailPage(Hyperlink) contains cross bands (bands were not shown).
- Fixed bug in PDF export with transparency in Picture object and KeepAspectRatio property
- Fixed Clipping of memo object in SVG export
- Fixed SVG image with transparency in PDF export
- Fixed barcode output (fixed offset for 1px of text fill and added gradient fill) .
- Fixed additional + 1 pixel in PDF export images. Causes empty lines.
- Fixed RTL text in PDF export
- Fixed Fonts in PDFA export
- Fixed PrintScale printing mode
- Fixed Engine.CurY position after crosstab with DownThenAcross
- Fixed bug with aggregates when KeepHeader and KeepFooter are active and header moved to next page
- Fixed bug with keep mechanism in multi column report - paste objects to wrong column.
- Fixed image formats in HTML export (added PNG)
- Fixed bug with report slowdown when UseGlobalDataSetList = False
- Fixed macros processing inside table
- Fixed PostProcessing with ReprintOnNewPage

Version 6.3
- Fixed PDF LineSpacing (for huge values + VAlign)
- Fixed Chinese font names in PDF export
- Fixed active cell for XLS with several sheets in the BIFF8 export
- Fixed UTF-8 support for Geodata from DBF
* Improved FireDAC DB components
* Improved fonts' simulation, exporting of images and checkboxes in the PDF export
- Fixed Inplace editors in the designer
- Fixed numeric formats with ";" in XLSX export
- Fixed FireDAC for x64 platform
+ Added FireDAC to recompile.exe
- Fixed for AV in RichEdit when using OLE object under Windows 10 with last update
- Fixed ModifyObject for default values
* Improved Quick Report to Fast Report converter
* Improved multi-threading : Datasets on TDataModule, map file access, Inherited reports, Rich critical section
+ Added PDF/A-1, PDF/A-3 support
- Fixed TTF tables align. Now it uses zeros for align, not garbage memory
- Fixed macro variables in the table object
- Fixed series in the script for TeeChart 8 Professional and later
- Fixed bug when save dialog appears for exports to Stream
- Fixed MS Office resources for DOCX export
+ Added ability to load Geodata from DB
+ Added new Page.MirrorMode property for better RTL support. The base idea to keep the original layout in the report template and switch to RTL only in preview (during page loading).
+ Added TfrxUserDataset demo
[6.2.11 - 6.2.12]
+ Added ability to internet IOTransports send files without dialogs from code
* Improved performance of report preparation for XE3, XE6, XE7, 10, 10.2.
* Reworked exported bounds for barcodes with outbound text via Vector output
- Fixed wrong barcode size in PDF export on Win10 with font scaling > 100%
- Fixed EAN13 barcode rendering
+ Added xtDate support for Arrow and Bubble series
- Fixed PNG images in the exports
- Fixed font names table and horizontal_metrix_table return values
[6.2.9 - 6.2.10]
* Improved Gauges script RTTI
+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3 Rio support
* TfrxOLEView Editor form is scaled now
* WKT/WKB MultiPoligonShape support
* Removed global frxDrawText from preview draw
[6.2.6 - 6.2.8]
- Fixed right align for some fonts in the PDF export
- Fixed WheelDelta in the designer
- Moved some non-translated strings to resources
- Lock/Unlock current cached preview page for export.
- Fixed TfrxMemoView.Duplicates in the TfrxSubreport
[6.2.4 - 6.2.5]
- Fixed recent files in the ini file storage
- Fixed errors processing in the transports
- Fixed code editor for long script
- Fixed text wrapping for traditional Chinese
+ Added CharSpacing support in the SVG export
+ Added TfrxMemoView.UnderlinesTextMode property. (ulmNone - no show under lines, ulmUnderlinesAll - show under lines
  at the whole area of object, ulmUnderlinesText - show under lines for text only, ulmUnderlinesTextAndEmptyLines -
  show under lines for text and empty lines)
- Fixed AV in the PDF export with some fonts
- Fixed TfrxMemoView.Underlines rendering
- Fixed GS1-128 parsing
- Fixed Outline checkbox behavior in the PDF export dialog
- Fixed AV when field name not exists in the dataset
- Prevent flickering in the report preview with drill-down reports
- Fixed random crashed during report reloads
- Fixed exporting of TfrxTableCell with HTMLTags to PDF

Version 6.2
- Fixed SVG and HTML5 exports with MultiPage=True

+ Added new map layer which allows to load geo-data from DB (supports WKT and WKB)
* Internet transports improved and removed dependencies from third-party components (removed Indy HTTPS dependency)

+ Added new CanShrink property for all stretchable objects
* Re-worked and optimized standard shift mechanism (ShiftEngine = seTree)
+ Added new linear shift mechanism (mechanism can be changed by ShiftEngine property of Band. ShiftEngine = seLinear)
- Fixed TfrxReport in the object inspector
- Fixed TfrxPreviewForm.FormClose

- Fixed loading of TfrxReport.PrintIfEmpty property
- Fixed XLSX export for MS Excel 2003 compatibility
- Fixed page number editor in the preview
- Fixed 2D barcodes scaling when AutoSize = False and FontScaled = False
- Fixed preview's restoring in the C++ Builder
+ Added CharCase property for dialog controls
- Fixed GS1 Code 128 encoding

- Fixed OnContentChanged event for some cases
- Fixed font's exporting in the TfrxDOCXExport
- Fixed TfrxMemoView with Clipped = False in the preview
- Fixed expressions processing for memos with DataField
+ Added possibility to set custom font color in the style editor
+ Added ParagraphGap in the DOCX export
- Fixed ParagraphGap in the HTML export

- Fixed ParagraphGap in the RTF export
- Fixed LineSpacing in the RTF export
+ Added TfrxPreview.PageSetupDialog for C++Builder compatibility

- Fixed expressions in the TfrxRichView for Windows 10
- Fixed font embedding in PDF export for some fonts
- Fixed height calculation of memo object for large font size
- Fixed issue when CheckBox.Checked state doesn't save properly
- Fixed PDF export bug when some text may appears as RTL

- Fixed error when TfrxDBDataset.UserName = report's object name
- Fixed TfrxDBDataset.Next for RangeEnd = reCurrent and RangeBegin = rbCurrent
* Cross Editor form is sized now
- Fixed Indy 10 with Delphi 7
- Fixed editors' windows restoring (menu View-Options-Restore defaults)
* Changed function GetStreamHash to procedure for C++Builder compatibility

- Fixed frame width in the DOCX and XLSX exports
- Fixed bad export output of RTF tables with page breaks

- Fixed division by zero in the PDF export
- Fixed bug in Biff8 export when old Excel versions won't open document
- Fixed Self value when using in Table cells
+ Added new helpers for Guidelines
- Fixed bug with MouseEnter/Leave events under x64 environment

* Changed method name TfrxView.GetMetaFile to GetVectorGraphic for C++Builder compatibility
- Fixed  export of Table object via EMF processor
- Added EMR_PIE processing via EMF
+ Added Lazarus package (first Alpha version of main package)

- Fixed export Hebrew font via EMF processor
- Fixed crash when using the report Designer on panel
- Fixed export of Table object in PDF
- Fixed issue when DialogForm appears twice for DetailPage report

* Improved PDF and SVG export for Rotated text
- Fixed RTF export when document with page breaks had wrong objects size
- Fixed events for objects inside table when AutoSize set to False
+ Added new events for TfrxUserDataset (OnGetBlobValue/OnIsBlobField) for blobs processing
- Fixed PDF structure which may cause incorrect output in some PDF Viewers
- Fixed searching of expressions inside RichText with linebreak under Windows8 and above
- Fixed interactive objects events in preview (which may causes map shaking)
+ Added RTTI for USPS Intelligent Mail and GS1 Code128 barcodes
- Fixed initial values for USPS Intelligent Mail and GS1 Code128 barcodes
+ Added RTTI for TfrxCellurarTextObject

+ Added new barcode auto-encode GS1-Code128 (use simple GS1 rules)
- Fixed Crosstab bug with OnCalcWidth event when returned Width = MaxWidth
- Fixed memory leak in the TfrxMailExport with Indy
- Fixed FIB packages
- Fixed export filter error when DefaultPath not empty and FileName with full path

+ Added handing of Crosstab.OnCalcWidth event when AutoSize set to false
- Fixed Docx export with east Asia fonts names
- Fixed error caused by OnReportClickObject event
- Fixed issue when frxDotMatrixExport shows save file dialog
- Fixed shift mechanism for Table object
- Fixed FlowTo mechanism for objects used inside Table object

+ Added TfrxReportPage.AlignChildren support in the script RTTI
- Fixed Unknown error(1110) in the TfrxMailExport
- Fixed issue when decreasing height of column in OnCalcHeight event cut off text in column header
- Fixed bug when changing export ShowDialog property in AfterPrint event doesn't work
- Fixed bug with TfrxDBDataSet.OnNext event

Version 6.1
- Fixed TfrxMailExport.ConfurmReading in the export dialog
- Fixed hints in the preview
+ Added &A; &B; &C; &D; start/stop control codes for Codabar barcodes
- Improved ODT export filter to use different styles for different report pages
- Improved ODT export filter to use max page sizes for Continues sheet
- Fixed table(objects) width in ODT export filter (doesn't stretch to page width);
- Fixed text processing with AllowHTML in ODT export filter
- Fixed TfrxDateEditControl with WeekNumbers = True for Windows XP

- Fixed bug when OnPreviewClick does not refresh modified object
- Fixed performance drop with objects "Shift" mechanism
- Fixed C++ Builder issue with TfrxReportPage
- Fixed saving of processing property in DFM

+ Added support of PDF/A-2 format

- Improved rotated text in PDF, SVG and HTML-Div export filters
- Fixed bug with expressions processing and Drill-Down groups

- Fixed EMF export
- Fixed export of table object in graphics export filters
- Added Arabic numbers substitution in PDF export (with RTLReading)

- Fixed calculating of table cell with vertical Font rotation
- Fixed Hindy and Thai ligatures in PDF export
- Fixed Char spacing with HAlign in PDF export
- Fixed Copy/Paste of internal DB component
- Fixed vertical barcodes borders
- Fixed ADO parameters in the designer

+ Added Anchors for report objects and Dialog controls
+ Added Table rtti helpers for TableWidth and TableHeight properties
- Fixed bug in IO transports with network path (in DefaultPath)
- Improved multi-threading support in PDF export
- Fixed bug with bad position of images in PDF export

+ Added AutoSize property for barcodes (default true), set it to false prevent component from size changing (changes zoom instead)
+ Added MinWidth and MaxWidth for table column can be set ti limit auto size (0 unlimited)
+ Added MinHeight and MaxHeight for table row can be set ti limit auto size (0 unlimited)
- Fixed bug when using detail report with inheritance and OnLoadTemplate event

+ Added new report variables TableRow and TableColumn can be used inside table objects
+ Added ability to set path for "Indy" library in Recompile
+ Added new align mode baHidden objects with this mode don't collide with others
- Fixed line spacing in PDF and SVG exports
- Fixed ADO parameters
- Fixed highlight editor for group of objects
- Fixed issues with band Fill/Frame and aligned objects 
- Fixed bug in column header with band Frame/Fill
- Fixed exporting of report properties  in OXML exports
- Fixed FNC1 processing in Datamatrix barcode
- Fixed PadLeft/PadRight functions under with unicode environment
- Fixed issue when used RangeEnd = reCount to limit records of the dataset
- Fixed error which can appear after deleting table column

+ Added TfrxChild.ToNRows and ToNRowsMode properties allows to fill empty page space (see 15.fr3 report in FRMain demo)
- Fixed aggregate functions for table object
- Fixed issues when paste data component to report page
- Fixed SlaveExport property for export filters

+ Added TfrxPreviewOptions.AllowPreviewEdit property - Set it to False to disable any interactive editors in the report preview
- Fixed export of images embedded in RichView
- Optimization for big tables and big reports (Designer can handle tables with 10000 cells and more)
- Fixed vertical band behavior in the report designer
- Objects containers like table can be used on vertical bands
- Fixed SaveDialog when FileName is empty
- Fixed OpenAfterExport behavior
- Fixed HTML Tags in RTF export

Fixes and improvements during beta
+ Added Cellular Text object
+ Added TfrxPageControl.OnChanging event
+ Added new Interactive map layer (it possible to draw on map layer)
+ Added ability to copy/paste table's rows/columns
+ Added events for PageControl component
+ Added Object selection in report preview (Hold Shift and mouse click + move. Use PreviewOptions.Buttons to turn it off)
+ Added New copy/paste editors (it's possible to copy content of objects)
+ Added TfrxPageControl.HotTrack property
+ Added Band.AlignChildren in script Rtti
+ Added Rtti module for Table object (and example how to use it)
+ Added TfrxPageControl for dialog form
+ Added Gauge control for dialog form
- Added IO packages to recompile.exe
- Improved export of Table and CellularText objects
- Improved compatibility with components designed for FR5 (like FastCube report components)
- Improved vector export engine
- Guidelines now works with table rows/columns
- Optimized Table object XML serialization
- InPlace editors now stores state in system Registry
- Fixed codepage in TfrxRichView under Windows 10
- Fixed resorces in export dialogs
- Fixed Height calculation of TfrxMemoView with vertical font rotation
- Fixed DropDown inplace editor
- Fixed copy/paste codepage for Table object
- Fixed copy/paste of whole Table object
- Added missing text resources
- Fixed problem with wrong text wrap in PDF export (in some cases)
- Fixed problem with "tight" text in PDF export (symbols overlap each other)
- Fixed problem with AutoWidth and Preview
- Fixed Error message after closing IDE
- Fixed compatibility with C++Builder
- Fixed IO filters issue
- Removed unused Options from "Options dialog"
- Several visual improvements of Designer and Preview UI
- Added missing icons for TfrxComponent's
- Fixed Horizontal and Vertial text align in SVG and HTML5 exports
- Fixed missing IOTransport package for Delphi 2010
- Fixed bug with TfrxMemoView.Unerlines
- Fixed AV in the PDF export
- Fixed MirrorMargins in PDF export
- Fixed missing resources for some languages
- Fixed preview save dialog without Transport filters
- Fixed compressed report
- Fixed text kerning in PDF export
- Fixed duplicated field in TfrxDBDataSet
- Fixed issue with Table object in some exports filters
- Fixed compatibility with old E-mail export filter (better to use new Transports)
- Fixed Interactive maps with detailed report
- Fixed problem with map editor (adjust maps to wrong layers)
- Fixed missing default string resources
- Fixed error in Code Completion thread when using fsGlobalUnit
- Fixed Break points saving in file
- Fixed container dialog controls behavior in report designer workspace
- Fixed save to file IOTransport registration
- Fixed IOTransport network path
- Fixed several issues with TfrxPageControl
- Moved some fixes and improvements from Fast Report 5 branch
- Fixed InPlace data editor