September 25, 2023

Updating Delphi and Lazarus products to 2023.3 version

Updating Delphi and lazarus products to 2023.3 version

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Delphi and Lazarus products. In this update, we paid special attention to ergonomic design and component performance. With 2023.3 version, we have added a new NextCloud transport, changed the operation of the report engine, added support for new electronic signatures, and much more.

Changes (different for each product) are available for the following products:

New demo reporting center

For convenience, we have combined all demos into a single demo center. It is available with the new FastReport product installer.

New demo reporting center


Changed the operating mode of the report engine

The new mode allows you to automatically select the font size to match the size of the “Text” object and its content (ContentScaleOptions property).

Selecting the size to match the static dimensions of the object allows you to reduce the text if there are physical limitations when printing. You can find an example of use in the article at the following link.

Price tags with product composition

Dynamic font sizing allows you to control the font scale that is applied to dynamically resizing or stretching objects. The report engine reduces the contents of such objects to fit the band on the current page.

Stretchable objects


New resource localization editor

With this update, you can edit language resources to suit your needs directly from the IDE. Thanks to the new editor, this has become as fast, simple, and convenient as possible.

New resource localization editor

Full language switching at run-time. Now all language resources are updated immediately without the need to restart the report designer.

Language switching at run-time


Added new NextCloud transport 

You can save and load reports from your corporate storage directly from the designer, as well as from code. Read in the article how to set up a connection.

Added new NextCloud transport


New types of electronic signatures

When exporting to PDF format or working with random files, you can sign documents using the following electronic signatures: CADES_T and CADES_X_LONG_TYPE_1.

We have also added partial font embedding in PDF export. It allows you to reduce the size of the PDF export.

Partial font embedding in PDF export

FastCube for Lazarus has added support for integration with the Chart component for the FastReport integration package.

Integration with Chart component


Full list of 2023.3 changes


- Fixed drop-down InPlace editor in the DPIAware application.

+ Added the ability to automatically select the font size to match the size of the “Text” object and its content (ContentScaleOptions property);
+ Added language resource editor;
+ Added frThreadSynchronizeProc variable to override the default synchronization procedure in FastReport;
+ Added implementation for UP/DOWN/MOVE mouse events for report script objects;
+ Added support for signatures CADES_T and CADES_X_LONG_TYPE_1;
+ Added TfrxHtmlView.LoadFromString method to RTTI.
+ Added compatibility of old behavior in TfrWideStrins;
+ Added correction of the height of the last line of text to the tmDescent value (required for some fonts);
* Improved language switching in the report designer;
* Changed the TfsScript.OnSetVarValue event;
* Changed the order of finalizing datasets;
- Fixed work of TfrLocalizationController in FastReport FMX;
- Fixed printer font scaling in FastReport FMX for RAD 11.3;
- Fixed a bug where the frxIBO package did not compile in some IDEs;
- Fixed a bug when the dclfqbFIB package was not compiled;
- Fixed the name of the groups in the component palette;
- Fixed a problem with data when editing a chart in a report for integration with FastCube;
- Fixed behavior of HideIfSingleDataRecord with delayed expressions;
- Fixed chart rendering in Lazarus;
- Fixed TfsCustomHelper in debug mode;
- Fixed out-of-range issue in FastCube;
- Fixed a bug with case-insensitive keys in resources;
- Fixed post-processing of expressions for paReportFinished/paGroupFinished when the ReportSummary/GroupFooter band is visible or invisible;
- Fixed Job method TfrLocalizationController.ShowLocalizationEditor;
- Fixed a problem with a blank page when duplex printing is forced in the printer settings, and single-sided printing is set for the report page;
- Fixed inability to compile the project for FMX versions below Tokyo;
- Fixed FastCube compilation for C++ Builder FMX;
- Fixed behavior of the TfrxHTMLView.DefBackground method when the value is clNone;
- Fixed a bug in FastScript when adding nested components via AddComponent;
- Fixed an error in determining the SVG format with a BOM header;
- Fixed several GDI descriptor leaks;
- Fixed TeeChart package names in FastCube package templates;
- Fixed inheritance of styles in the report template.

+ Added the ability to partially embed fonts;
+ Added LineSpacing support for PPTX export;
- Fixed PDF export with CJK fonts;
- Fixed a bug with multi-page HTML export when the image cache was cleared for each page;
- Fixed work of PDF form fields with owner password;
- Fixed substitution of font names;
- Fixed application closing with PDF export;
- Fixed export of time format in XLSX export;
- Fixed SMTP in TfrxMailExport.

+ Added a new integration package with LazChart;
- Fixed PDF export dialog for Lazarus;
- Fixed visual errors in the report designer for Lazarus;
- Fixed the designer reopening with TfrxLazSqliteQuery;
- Fixed Unicode output from the database for Lazarus;
- Fixed barcodes in Linux.

+ Added support for FibPlus, IB Objects, and BDE in the installer;
- Fixed description of the FastCube FPC package;
- Fixed a bug with using an OLE object in FastScript code;
- Fixed FastCube FMX packages;
- Fixed chart templates for FastReport Demo for compatibility with TeeChart 2023.38.

+ Added TfrxPreviewTabs.CurrentTab property;
- Fixed the HighlightRuleEditor form in FastCube;
- Added the “Search” item to the preview context menu.

[Report object]
+ Added TTeeFont and TteeShadow classes to RTTI for diagrams;
* Changed the DefaultDatabase class from TFDConnection to TFDCustomconnection;
- Fixed rotation of 2D barcodes;
- Fixed list of modules in FireDAC;

* Updated Serbian resources;
* Updated Arabic resources;
* Updated Bulgarian resources;
- Fixed string resource numbers.

+ Added NextCloud transport.