Learn more about the special terms 
for non-standard use of the report generators

С#-library for report generation
and document creating on .NET 7,
Blazor, .NET Core, ASP.NET, MVC 
and WinForms

FastReport VCL
Delphi için, hızlı, kullanışlı 
ve kompakt bir raporlama aracı var! 

FastCube 2 VCL
Kurumsal İstihbarat - kolay!
Kullanıcılarınızın verilerini 
ihtiyaçları olduğu şekilde
analiz etmelerine izin verin!
Fast Reports CEO'su
Michael Phillipenko



How to make ZUGFeRD in FastReport .NET

Dmitriy Fedyashov

The ZUGFeRD standard was developed in Germany specifically to simplify the process of electronic invoicing. This standard allows you to exchange invoices without a preliminary agreement between the su...

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Installing FastReport in Lazarus for Linux and Windows

Sergey Plastun

We are pleased to present you the long-awaited release of Lazarus version 2.2.0, in which we implemented the full-fledged function to work with packages without source code. On that occasion, we are r...

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How to update FastReport Online Designer to the latest version

Stas Antonenko

Starting with version 2021.4.5 FastReport Online Designer is switched to new licensing. You can read more about it in the license agreement. Along with it, there’s a new way of installing th...

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