Export to Word (RTF)

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RTF (Rich Text Format) was developed by Microsoft as a standard format for exchanging text information. At the moment RTF-documents are compatible with many new text editors and operation systems.


Export method: tabular.


When exporting to RTF, there will be a dialogue window for setting parameters of the output file:




Export parameters:


"Wysiwyg" - the result will be as close to the report as possible. If this option is disabled, FastReport will reduce the number of rows and columns in the resulting;
"Page breaks" - enables page breaks in the RTF file;
"Pictures" - select the format of pictures in the RTF file. Note that "Metafile" format is best for displaying of such report objects as MSChartObject and ShapeObject.


Appearance and size of the resulting file depends on the report template (see the "Recommendations on report development" section).