Export to Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

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PDF (Portable Document Format) is a platform-independent format of electronic documents created by Adobe Systems. The free Acrobat Reader package is used for viewing. This format is rather flexible – it allows the inclusion of necessary fonts, vector and bitmap images; it allows transferring and storage of documents intended for viewing and further printing.


Export method is a layered one.


When exporting to Excel, there will be a dialogue window for setting parameters of the output file:




Export parameters:


"Compressed" - output file is compressed. It reduces file size but increases export time;
"Embedded fonts" - all fonts used in a report will be included into PDF file. This will significantly increase the file size;
"Background" - the page watermark will be exported as an image. This will significantly increase the file size;
"Print optimized" - output of all graphics objects (such as pictures, charts) in high resolution for further printing.


On the "Information" tab, you may fill in the document information fields:




On the "Viewer" tab, you may set up some options related to Adobe Acrobat document viewer: