Export to FTP

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A prepared report can be saved to an FTP server from the FastReport.NET preview. The report can be exported to one of the supported formats before being saved to FTP.


Press "Save" button and select "FTP...". This opens the "Save to FTP" window:




The File tab has the following fields:

- FTP Server: enter the URL-address of the FTP server

- Username and Password: enter your username and password

- File Type: select the file format (prepared report or one of the export formats) from the drop-down list.

If an export format is selected then the “Settings...” button becomes available, which opens the settings window for the chosen export format.


If a proxy server is used then the URL-address, port, username and password of the proxy server are set on the Proxy tab:




When all settings have been made click the OK button to save the file to the FTP server.