Question: How much is the subscription renewal FastReport.Net? And what I'm getting from it?


Renew a subscription You can renew a subscription in your control panel. The subscription includes the technical support and product updates. It is available at a 1/3 of the full price per year. When your subscription is expired, you have two options: - renew a subscription. This will allow you to get a technical support and product updates. - continue to use the FastReport.Net. In this case, you will not able to use recent product updates and get technical support. the prices: FastReport.Net Basic Edition 1 year subscription - single-$30, team-$90 site-$449 FastReport.Net Win forms 1 year subscription - single-$90, team-$300 site-$899 FastReport.Net Win forms + Web forms 1 year subscription - single-$109, team-$360 site-$1049 FastReport.Net Professional Edition 1 year subscription - single-$150, team-$480 site-$1799