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Marco KummerFastReport .NET

I had been using FastReport for Delphi for many years. After switching to .NET I really missed my favourite reporting engine.... until one day I came back to visit the FR website to discover that there's now a .NET version! For my special application I rely heavily on the reporting of business objects. Alex from FastReport helped me accomplish my goals with his excellent support! FastReport.NET is by far superior to the other products I've seen out there! It's even a lot better than XtraReports by DevExpress, which I had used before. Keep up the excellent work!!

StarkFastReport .NET

My first look on .NET language was for reporting thing, Ummmm, I had a very difficult and bad time with other reporting tools ( desing and deploying ), they all lake for simplisty in use, deploy, and end user design, so I decided to design my reports by exporting it to msword, and wait till miracle happen.

Finally see the light , the first time I try it it was beta , but I just like the way that fastreport deal with the things,
- Design the good looking report with no time.
- Save/Open report files or deal
with your reports as variables of strings
- Super design Interface to suit your Application ( office 2007 style , VS 2005 Style ... )

I just love it ...

sidnei lantinFastReport .NET

I tested your report generator and is too easy for manipulate, is so fast and congratulation about your product, i´d like to receive mor informations about new products, best regards Sidnei Lantin

Mr Avrohom Ephraim SingerFastReport .NET

Excellent stuff. Keep up the good work. 'Reporting must be fast!' and it is indeed with FastReports. I have compared it with similar packages and FastReports wins the all head-on in every possible aspect. Amazing attractive UI, 10 x faster then any other reporting tool. It's the kind of product that makes the lives of programmers a bit more enthusiastic.

I have chosen your product (FastReports .net) because of it's speed, very atractive User Interface and endless capabilities. Keep up the good work. Maybe not so well advertized as similar packages, but wins head-on in every aspect when compared to them.

Marko ColakFastReport .NET

Erst eine Woche mit Fast Report war mir genug fuer Grundkentnisse. Als Beginner sehr zufrieden und begeistert.Fast Report ist jetzt was R&R damals fuer DOS war. mit freundlichen Gruessen ! Marko Colak

老杨FastReport .NET

给广大中国及亚太用户的一封推荐信: 由于常做BI项目的原因,本人原来一直使用BO做开发,当然,在其他报表方面也接触了不少,包括水晶报表、、AR、SR、XR等等。 最近的一个B/S架构的数据分析的项目,要求较高的功能及易用性,而且要求与业务系统架构紧密集成,BO在这方面就不行了,因此开始在其他报表中寻找。 由于客户的很多功能都需要用交叉表实现,又需要钻取功能,衡量了一下这些控件,FR.net除了暂不支持B/S架构的的钻取功能外,其他方面的功能都非常出色,水晶报表尽管够强,但开发和使用太不方便,其他报表在复杂交叉表和钻取方面以及最终用户设计方面,都不尽如人意。 在进一步了解FR后,通过简单的修改FR.net源码,实现了B/S架构的超链接,也就基本实现了钻取功能。 轻盈、便捷、易用、调整易源码、快速的技术支持及更新,这些让我今后会更多的使用FR.net来完成我的BI项目。 再次感谢!

Roy DeVisserFastReport .NET

Before I started programming in VS I used Visual Objects with ReportPro as the report generator. Now programming in C #, I needed a new report generator, looked around for a while and came across FR. Promptly ordered and downloaded the wrong version. However, all was taken care of (thank you Dina & Alex). Started with a somewhat involved Invoice Report. Wow, I am impressed. After some initial difficulties, things went very smoothly to the point where I really enjoyed using this Application. Even the documentation was sufficient for me to complete my 1st project. Even though I may have some suggestions for improving the documentation, it is about the best I have seen in a long time. I know I am going to really enjoy making reports. Thanks, Roy.

Alexandre Benson SmithFastReport VCL 5

As a long time (13+ years) Crystal Reports user I can recomend FastReports strongly, I am in the process of converting 1000+ reports designed on Crystal to FastReports, It is fast, rock solid and a feature rich product, integrating very well with Delphi and other products from Embarcadero. Keep on the good job guys!

Alexandre Benson Smith

Eiichiro KAMIYAFastReport VCL 5

As a DELPHI user, I was quite satisfied with QuickReport. When DELPHI switched the report component to Rave, I found I did not like Rave at all. I tested FastReport and I was very comfortable with the software. I was also impressed that the price is much lower than Quick. I sent a message to my Delphi mailing list and recommended FastReport to those who are not comfortable with Rave.