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                            Current Version
- Fixed band's visibility for multi-column bands
- Fixed numeric formats in the XLSX for "Use report pages" option (second fix)
+ Added language resources for TfrxSearchForm
- Fixed AV with TfrxPreview in the run-time
+ [FQB] Added brackets for WHERE conditions
5.6.5 - 5.6.6
- Fixed DOCX compatibility with MS Word 2007
- Fixed AV with TfrxPreview in the design-time
- Fixed error with null values and HideZeros=True which appear in the 5.6.4
- Fixed export of TfrxRichView with \cbpat tag to RTF
- Fixed HideZeros in the cross-view
- Fixed pragraph properties and line spacing in the RTF export
+ Added GapX, GapY support in the DOCX export
- Fixed Frame Editor
+ Added TfrxOLEView.CreateObjectFromFile support in the report script
+ Added GapX, GapY support in the HTML export
+ Added function IIF in ClassRTTI 
- Fixed Creator encoding in the ODF
+ Added hkURL support in the RTF and DOCX exports 
- Fixed WordWrap exporting to XLSX
- Improved quality of barcodes in the table exports
- Fixed numeric formats in the XLSX for "Use report pages" option
- Fixed band position after multi-column band
- Fixed Shift_JIS encoding for QR barcode 
- Fixed multi-threading in the some export filters and barcodes
+ [Lazarus] Added DBF DB Engine
- Fixed MailCc and MailBcc in the TfrxMailExport
- Fixed exporting of number formats like %2.2n, %2.2m in the ODF format
- Fixed TfrxDateEditControl with WeekNumbers=True for HighDPI
- Fixed DOCX export (removed last CR in the cell)
- Fixed export matrix MaxWidth, MaxHeight
- Added Fill, FillType, hided Color property for TfrxCheckBoxView 
- Fixed BIFF export dialog and worksheet creation with chunks option
- Fixed exporting of SUB, SUP tags to RTF, DOCX
+ Added error position in the error message
+ TfrxPreview properties (Constraints, Enabled, Visible) moved to published section
+ Added TfrxCustomMemoView.Hint serialization 
- Fixed TfrxReport.ReportOptions.Author encoding in the DOCX, PPTX and XLSX exports
- Fixed TfrxPreview.UpdatePages procedure
+ Moved declaration of Tfrx...Editor, Tfrx...Property classes to interface in the frxDesgnEditors unit
- [FS] Fixed "Not enough parameters" error for functions with parameters with default values
- [Lazarus] Fixed Edit Fill, Edit Frame dialogs
- [Lazarus] Fixed painting of TfrxColorComboBox 
- Fixed TfrxRTFExport when TfrxRTFExport.ShowDialog = False and TfrxRTFExport.HeaderFooterMode = hfPrint
+ Added TfrxMailExport.MAPISendFlag property (
- Fixed memory leak with band's frame
- Fixed print dialog when copies is empty 
- Improved side-by-side crosstabs behavior. Possibility to build crosstabs which splits to several pages side by side with DownThenAcross property set  
- Fixed behavior of RichView under Windows 10 with RTF tables
- Fixed preview bug when changing of outline active item doesn't change active page in some cases
- Fixed problem when Designer skip object inspector keyboard events with DesignReportInPanel
- Fixed crosstab bug with PlainCells and JoinEqualCells properties turned on at the same time
- Fixed bug when using band fill and subreports with PrintOnParent property
+ Added TfrxMailExport.OnAfterSendMail event
+ Added Frame property for bands
- Fixed RemapString in the PDF export
- Fixed barcode font for HighDPI
- Fixed double frame for PDF export

Version 5.6
+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo support for x32 and x64 windows platforms
+ Added Sup, Sub tag support for TfrxHTMLExport
+ Added TfrxPDFExport.SaveOriginalImages property. True by default
+ Added GS1 support for Code128C, EAN128C barcodes
+ Added sorting of printers by name in the printer's list
+ Added Norwegian resources
+ Added TfrxFDTable support in the frxFDRTTI
+ Added #0..#31 chars support in the Code128A
+ Added TfrxBarcodeView.TestLine property
+ Added TfrxRichEditor form state storing
+ [Lazarus] Added support of GTK widget
- Fixed frx2xto30.pas for XE2 and later
- Increased PaperSizes count limit to 512
- [Lazarus] Fixed scrolling in designer
- Fixed smMaxHeight in TfrxRichView
- Fixed TfrxXLSXExport for file with 1000 worksheets
- Fixed TfrxPreviewPages.ClearPageCache
- Fixed TfrxIBXQuery.ExecSQL
- Fixed new event insert if main procedure of the script have line with "// begin"
- Fixed component's name after Drag&Drop from Data Tree for fields with Unicode characters
- Fixed TfrxBarcodeView baCenter, baRight align
- Fixed reprint on new page and group keeping bug
- Fixed update parameters after loading for TfrxADOQuery
- Fixed preview's toolbar for RAD Studio Berlin 10.1 Update 2 when VCL styles applied
- Fixed TfrxReport.PrintOptions.Duplex usage
- Fixed printing of PNG images
- Fixed TfrxReport.ReportOptions.Author in the DOCX, PPTX and XLSX exports
- Fixed vsExport usage for export filters
- Fixed export of non-alphanumeric chars (<, >, &) inside HTMLTags in the ODF export
- [FastScript] Fixed Format function
- Fixed HTMLTags in the TfrxMemoView
- Fixed calculation of hyperlink expressions
- Fixed image size in the DOCX export
- Fixed MSI barcode
- Fixed exporting of objects' hyperlinks to encrypted PDF
- Fixed export to continuous XLSX for reports with many pictures
- Fixed export of frames with width < 1 to HTML
- Fixed export of empty pages to XLSX
- Fixed band's with barcodes stretching
- Fixed KeepChild behavior for TfrxReportTitle child bands
- Fixed custom number format in the ODF export
- [Lazarus] Fixed printer selection in the print dialog
- Fixed export of hyperlinks with hkPageNumber kind when page number greater than pages count
- Fixed component's name after Drag&Drop from Data Tree for some cases
- Fixed "Divizion by zero" error with pmSplit print mode
- Fixed PrintOnSheeet in the Print Dialog for some cases
- [Lazarus] Fixed default printer in the print dialog
- Fixed export images to BIFF8 for x64
- [Lazarus] Fixed printer selection before print properties dialog
- Fixed RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin size of dialog page issue in the designer
- Fixed exporting of numbers with '%' in the format string (like #,##0.###%) in the BIFF8 export
- [Enterprse] Fixed "Report not found" error message
- Fixed "Print to file" option for GDI reports
- Fixed export to PDF with embedded fonts and empty memos
- Fixed export to PDF for HAlign = haBlock (GapX used now)
- Fixed font's embedding for protected PDF if EmbedFontsIfProtected = False and EmbeddedFonts = True
- Fixed exporting of TfrxShapeView to XLSX and DOCX exports
- Fixed exporting of Unicode characters in the memos with HTML tags to DOCX for non-Unicode IDE
- Fixed TfrxPreviewButtons in the frxClassRTTI
- Fixed parent for objects for some cases
- Fixed font's name in the ODF export

Version 5.5
+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin support for x32 and x64 windows platforms
+ [Lazarus] Added export to PDF
+ [Lazarus] Added support of native Lazarus Chart component
+ Added HTML tags and line spacing support for DOCX export
+ Added SynPDF Export demo
+ Added TfrxPrintMode support in the frxClassRTTI
+ Improved picture cache
- [Lazarus] Fixed images printing
- [Lazarus] Fixed compatibility with x64 platforms
- [Enterprise] Fixed CGI and ISAPI demos
- [Enterprise] Fixed problem with images and dialog forms
- Fixed resetting of printer's tray after printing
- Fixed removing of TfrxDBLookupCombobox with assigned dataset
- Fixed problems (wrogn scale of Charts, Barcodes, RTF) with non dpi-aware applications with big scale factor (150% and more)
- Fixed export to PDF for FCharSpacing <> 0 and HAlign = haBlock
- Fixed exporting of Unicode characters to ODF for non-Unicode IDE 
- Fixed exporting of text with empty lines at the end to XLSX
- Fixed access to resource (frc) file
- Fixed empty text with HTML tags exporting to ODF  
- Fixed horizontal align in the ODF export
- Fixed zoom after drill-down 
- Fixed bins' list refreshing when TfrxReport.PrintOptions.Printer changed in the designer 
- Fixed wrapping of the paragraph's first line with ParagraphGap
- Fixed bug with page's color ant frame in the PDF export
- Fixed exporting date to BIFF8
- Fixed BIFF8 export for reports with more then 1025 pages
- Fixed exporting text with non-printable chars in the XLSX export
- Fixed "Canvas does not allow drawing" error in the TfrxRichView
- Fixed style's font for HighDPI
- Fixed object's export to images if object's height or width < 1 for PDF
- Fixed parent for objects with Left < 0
- Fixed haBlock alignment for RTL languages for PDF
- Fixed reading confirmation for SMTP
- Fixed Standart Report Wizard
- Fixed restoring of preview's positions after drill-down
- Fixed filenames of attachment in the e-mail export
- Fixed &FNC1; usage in the Code128C and CodeEAN128C barcodes
- [Fast Script] Improved FormatFloat accuracy
- Fixed params in the FireDAC components
- Fixed printing on high-DPI printers
- Fixed numeric formatting in the XLSX export
- Fixed FieldNames usage in th DBF export
- Fixed Z-order for images in the HTML(Layered) export

Version 5.4
+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle support for x32 and x64 windows platforms
+ [Lazarus] Added export filters package with basic export filters BMP, JPEG, PNG, HTML and HTML5 (Layered)
+ [Lazarus] Added IBX internal datasets support
+ Added support of user function's for parent reports in report inheritance
+ Added caching of images for matrix export (cache to file and memory)
+ Added TfrxReportPage.ShowTitleOnPreviousPage property
+ [FQB] Added new field types
+ Added CodePage property for QR barcode. If CodePage <> 0 - ECI mode used
+ Added TfrxPreview.LoadFromStream method
+ Increased cross-tab's max rows/columns/cells levels from 32 to 64
+ Added TfrxVisibilityTypes support in the report's script
+ Added Tag property for report's objcts for 64 bit
+ Added TfrxCustomExportFilter.OnBeforeExport event
+ Added FetchAll property for TfrxFIBQuery
+ Added TfrxMailExport.SMTPStartCommand (HELO, EHLO) property
+ Added numeric formats support in the TfrxXLSXExport
+ Added TfrxPreview class in the frxClassRTTI. Now you can use TfrxPreview(Report.Preview).OutlineVisible := True; in the report's script
+ Added frame with different lines support for TfrxCheckView for TfrxPDFExport
+ Report's script lines saving without right spaces
- Optimized 2D barcodes printing
- Fixed bug with preview with drill-down detail report
- Fixed param's updating for TfrxBDEQuery.ExecSQL
- Fixed TfrxHeader's ReprintOnNewPage behaviour
- Fixed splitting of the TfrxRichView
- Fixed TfrxRichView for Windows 8
- Changed object bounds calculation in the TfrxCustomMemoView.BeginDraw
- Fixed KeepHeader and KeepFooter behavior for databand with one record
- [Lazarus] Fixed picture/dataset streaming
- Report shows errors in parent script when use report inheritance
- Fixed start column position for drill-down groups
- Fixed CurY position for groups on TfrxReportPage with several columns and PrintOnPreviousPage = True
- Fixed FR for FireDAC components
- Fixed export of paragraph's attributes in the RTF export
- [enterprise] Fixed server log config.xml error message
- Fixed TfrxPictureView scaling in the PDF export
- Fixed bug with preview init when ZoomMode <> zmDefault
- Fixed AV in the PDF export with embedded fonts 
- Fixed PDF export of object with double and single line in the frame
- Fixed preview's page number after zoom
- Fixed system color's exportong in the DOCX and XLSX exports
- Fixed TfrxReportPage.PrintIfEmpty behavior
- [Lazarus] Fixed TFontStyle declaration
- Fixed code pages support for Datamatrix and PDF417 barcodes
- Fixed Interactive Chart report for FRDemo
- Fixed text position for Rotation = 90, 180, 270 in the PDF export
- Fixed object's moving for bands on the multi-column page
- Fixed text position for text with one line and big LineSpaсing value in the PDF export
- Fixed hint position for TfrxPreview
- Fixed GetDefaultPrinter method
- Fixed width of text in the PDF export
- Fixed Outline checkbox behavior in the PDF export dialog
- Increased LargeDesignHeight multiplier from 5 to 8 
- Fixed INDY for HTML export
- Fixed BIFF export for Excel 2013 for reports with images 
- Fixed PDF's structure for encrypted files
- Fixed object's exporting with Visibility = vsExport for PDF export
- Fixed band's Fill editing when fill type changed
- Fixed Rave->FR converter
- Fixed FRF->FR3 converter
- Fixed restoring of preview position for last preview tab
- Fixed bug with thousand separator in the TfrxXLSXExport
- Fixed TfrxCheckBoxView scaling in the TfrxPDFExport filter
- Fixed filter's filename during slave export
- Fixed problem with TfrxDBXQuery parameters
- Fixed exporting of page headers and page footers in the TfrxRTFExport
- Fixed AV with TfrxReport.EngineOptions.DoublePass=True
- Fixed vertical text alignment in the TfrxPDFExport filter
- Updated Farsi language files
- Updated Danish language files
- Fixed TfrxReportPage.Frame size in the TfrxPDFExport
- Fixed haBlock aligment in the TfrxPDFExport for some cases
- Fixed export of text with start/end spaces in the TfrxHTMLExport
- Fixed problem with crosstab rendering in designer when column headers are disabled and AutoSize = False
- Fixed HTML header in the TfrxHTMLExport when export called several times
- Fixed bug with XLSX content if more than 1025 pages were exported as single worksheet
- Fixed landscape orientation in the TfrxDOCXExport
- Fixed width of font if it embedded into PDF document
- Fixed problem with content in the TfrxDOCXExport. Now first 63 columns will be exported only
- Fixed thick frames for PDF export
- Fixed empty objects with numeric formatting to ODS and ODT formats
- Fixed multiline text export to ODS and ODT formats
- Fixed filling of TfrxPageFooter band and TfrxOverlay band with PrintOnTop = True
- Fixed external hyperlinks in the PDF
- [FS] Fixed FOR statement debugging
- Fixed empty TfrxPictureView's exporting to PDF
- Fixed style simulation for Arial Narrow, Arial Unicode MS and Tahoma fonts in the TfrxPDFExport
- Fixed error in the TfrxXSLXExport with 'Use report pages' option
- Fixed bug with TfrxVarEditorForm and TfrxExprEditorForm for configuration with several monitors
- Fixed C++ compilation errors for HTML export filters
- Fixed width of monospace font if it embedded into PDF document
- Fixed exporting of 2D barcodes to ODS and ODT formats
- Fixed printing with custom paper size
- Fixed HAlign and VAlign for Rotation = 90, 270 in the TfrxODSExport, TfrxODTExport
- Fixed export numbers with leading spaces in ODS export
- Fixed export text and number as number in BIFF8 export
- Fixed Italic, Underline font style support in the DOCX export
- Fixed StrikeOut font style support in the XLS(OLE), RTF, DOCX and XLSX export
- Fixed bug with preview with endless page and Collapse All
- Fixed "Variant or safe array is locked" error in the XLS(OLE) export
- Fixed problem with crosstab rendering in designer in some cases
- Fixed CharSpacing > 0 error for haRight alignment in the PDF export
- [enterprise] client/server utf8 fix
- Fixed TfrxFillEditorForm charset
- Fixed Out of memory error in BIFF8 export filter
- Fixed Unicode support for variables in the TfrxRichView
- Fixed memory leaks in the PDF export

Version 5.3
+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8 support for x32 and x64 windows platforms
+ Added PDF/A-2a compatibility
+ Added haBlock alignment for frxPDFExport filter (thanks to Nikolay Zverev)
+ Added support of multiply ECI in QR code. Can be set in barcode text by using '&ECIXX;' commands where XX is a ECI codepage number
+ Added ability to pass a list of variables in hyperlink expression using Hyperlink.ValueSeparator
+ Added GDI->DMP and DMP->GDI converters
+ Added ability to use Value variable in cross hyperlink expression 
+ Added paper orientation support for worksheets in the XML export filter
+ Added support of exponential number formatin the XML and BIFF8 export filters
+ Added paper sizes support for worksheets in the XML export filter
+ Added <sub> and <sup> HTMLTags support in the BIFF8 export filter
+ Implemented PrintOnParent for multi-column pages
+ Added ability to save compressed prepared report
+ Added TfrxReportPage.BackPictureStretched property
+ Added TfrxFillGaps class in the frxClassRTTI
+ [lazarus] Added 2D barcodes support
- [lazarus] fixed many issues with the report designer and improved x64 support
- Fixed <sub> and <sup> split text behaviour 
- Fixed TFDAdaptedDataSet and TFDRdbmsDataSet classes in the frxFDRTTI
- Fixed debugging with dialog pages
- Fixed Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode
- Fixed AV in the Connection Wizard
- Restored Color property for linear barcodes
- Fixed range check error in frxpngimage unit
- Fixed 2D barcodes memory leaks
- Fixed TfrxCrossView.OnCalcHeight for PlainCells = False
- Fixed Quick Report compatibility of DelphiZXingQRCode unit  
- Fixed bug with active page frame in the preview
- Fixed infinity loop in the TfrxRichView
- Fixed TfrxBrushFill frame
- Fixed text for EAN8 barcode with checksum
- Fixed PreviewOptions.ZoomMode behavior
- Fixed Hyperlink editor for cross-tab
- Fixed bug with units in the preview pages settings window
- Fixed FooterAfterEach and KeepFooter behavior
- Fixed bug with printing current page with Join Small Pages mode
- Fixed HAlign and VAlign for Rotation = 90, 270 in the TfrxXLSExport, TfrxXMLExport, TfrxXLSXExport and TfrxBIFFExport	
- Fixed HTML tags support in the TfrxHTMLDivExport
- [enterprise] Fixed frxISAPI for D2009-XE7 support
- Fixed TfrxDesigner.Restrictions drDontSaveReport option behavior after changes in the script
- Fixed problem with TfrxIBXQuery parameters
- Fixed TfrxSubreport's page properties changing after adding of TfrxSubreport
- Fixed TeeChart Standart support
- Fixed Quality property behavior in the TfrxPDFExport filter

Version 5.2
+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 support for x32 and x64 windows platforms
+ Added initial support of Lazarus for Fast Report 5 - first beta release with includes ther report designer and the report preview.
+ Added new export filter to SVG format - SVG is a graphical vector format used in web and now FastReport allow you to export reports to this format.
+ Added ability to reset object properties to parents in inherited report (whole report or single object) - ability to restore object properties of any object in inherited report to default values introduced in base report.
+ Added multi-selection for data tree and ability to drag whole dataset(create band) - allow to drag any count of fields from "data tree" or/and include whole dataset.
+ Added ability to move/select/edit report objects from report tree window - new enchanted "report objects tree" gives ability to select move and edit objects more easily.
+ Added transparency and color mask in PDF export (Pictures/HTML-tags/RTF) - pictures and some objects like RTF may uses alpha mask during export to PDF.
+ Added selection mode in report designer - new selection modes allow to select all object of the same kind as selected.
+ Changed preview tabs mechanism. TfrxPreview.EachReportInTab allow to bind few report components to a single preview and show each in the separate tab.
+ [enterprise] Added new Enterprise demo to show how to build client application for mobile platform in FMX framework - learn how you can build a mobile client for FastReport Enterprise edition.
+ Improved variables and styles editor to handle new inheritence items
+ Added export of page frame in PDF
+ Added cell rotation in XLSX and DOCX exports filters
+ Added packages for IBO4 for D2005-XE3
- [enterprise] Fixed unicode problems in FR Server
- Fixed bug when using ParagraphGap and AllowSplit
- Fixed TfrxFontComboBox now uses TfrxReport.iniFile for saving data
- Fixed FireDac components compatibility for XE7
- Fixed align of text in DOCX export
- Fixed Indy SMTP mail transfer
- Fixed frxTeeChart problem in multy-threaded inviroment
- Fixed error with export of 2d barcode from code
- Fixed problem with new DBX behaviour in master detail reports starts from Delphi XE
- Fixed problem with KeepFooter in subreports
- Fixed DateTime format in BIFF export
- Fixed preview window flickering with drilldown reports
- Fixed text align fix for negative LineSpacing
- Fixed minor problems with report inheritance
- Fixed preview error which may appears during preparing crosstab
- Fixed TIFF export problem when using Stream
- Fixed problem with crosstab header resizing in some cases
- Fixed problem with minimizing report designer in application compiled with delphi 2010 and above
- Fixed visibility of several components for x64 platform
- Fixed script inheritance in reports when used fsGlobalModule
- Fixed OnLoadTemplate and OnGetUnit events for inherited report
- Fixed OnPreviewDblClick event
- Fixed missing Fill property for some objects
- Fixed double frames in PDF export
- Fixed font embedding problem with x64 platform
- Fixed incorrect preview behaviour in some cases
- Fixed PDF checkbox export
- Fixed EAN13 barcode check digit bug
- Fixed numeric formats in XLSX export
- Fixed TabOrder in frxEditPage
- Added missing bcCode128 support in report script
- Restored published Color property for TfrxSysMemoView 
- [FS] Improved accuracy of parameters with extended type in internal functions

Version 5.1
- Fixed styles in Excel2007 export
+ Added Indy mail transport (see FR5/Source/ExportPack/frxExportMail.pas for enabling this feature)
- Fixed the hyperlinks feature in PDF export
+ Added the transparency feature in PDF export
- Fixed bug with embedding fonts on 64-bit platforms
+ Added Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6 support
+ Added OnGetCustomData/OnSaveCustomData events which allow to save custom data inside report template(look new CustomReportData demo)
+ Added OnLoadDetailTemplate event - used to load detail reports from other sources like data fields.
+ Added new multiImage mechanism in TIFF export - multiImage document is not limited with pages count
+ Added new property UTF8 in CSV export filter for stroing Unicode  text in UTF8 encoding
+ Added missing RTTI information for new clases
- Improved and fixed template inheritence (inherite some collections like classes and variables)
- Improved checkbox control in PDF export 
- Fixed script inheritence - for more information see example "Report with script inheritence"
- Fixed Interactive chart behaviour and added "Interactive Chart " report example
- Fixed bug with shadows in pictures in PDF export
- Fixed problem with multipage preview
- Fixed negative number export in BIFF8 export (braket form)
- Fixed pictures in PowerPoint export
- Fixed bug with Excel export in Enterprise edition
- Fixed frames in RTF export
- Fixed gradient fill in exports

version 5.0 initial release
- New fill types available in the Memo object: gradient and glass.
- Memo object can have several highlight conditions. The highlight condition now includes the following style settings: frame, font, fill and an object visibility. You may turn on and off each setting.
- Memo object can have several format settings. When a Memo object contains multiple expressions in a text, you may specify a format for each expression.
- Added Filter property to data bands. You may filter out data rows without using a script.
- Changes in the report file format: collections like datasets, variables, formats, highlights are written as nested properties for better readability. Old files (FR VCL 3 and 4) are fully supported.
- Added MouseEnter, MouseLeave events to report objects.
- Added Visibility property (set of flags - vsPreview, vsPrint, vsExport).

New objects:
- New 2D barcodes - PDF417, DataMatrix, QR Code.
- New barcodes - Code128, EAN128 with auto encoding.

- New interactive report types: detail report and detail page. When you click an interactive object, a new report is built and displayed in a separate tab in the preview window.
- Added interactivity in the Chart object. Clicking on a chart element, you may build a detail report.

- New exports: HTML5 (div), DOCX, XLSX, PPTX.
- Improvements in RTF, XLS, XML, HTML, ODF exports: support of different frame lines in a single Memo object.
- Improved font embedding in the PDF export: font subset is embedded instead of a whole font. This will significantly reduce a file size.

- New icons in the designer and preview windows. 
- Improved appearance of the Data tree: new icons for different field types.
- New/improved dialogs: highlight, frame, fill, hyperlink, databand editors.

- New navigation toolbar with touch support 
- Works via AJAX technology
- Optimized exchange protocols 
- Reduced response time