December 26, 2022

Summary and plans

Summary and plans

The year 2022 was full of important events. Despite its unpredictability and all challenges, that we've faced over the past 12 months, we've continued to work hard to improve document generation in thousands of apps. What important happened?

A milestone for the VCL report generators was the end of support for obsolete non-Unicode versions, which will allow us to work harder to improve FastReport and introduce more sophisticated features with each release. Since the release of 2023.1, FastReport VCL supports Delphi versions starting from 2010.

We have released the fp3 converter which converts to any FastReport VCL data format — FastConverter.FP3.

We have launched NuGet server for the .NET direction — a repository of licensed products for users. Now you can conveniently download the latest versions of our components on any operating system. FastReport.Core now supports graphics and text rendering using the SkiaSharp library.

Also, FastReport .NET got a bronze medal in the "Reporting, Analysis and Visualization" nomination in the Reader's Choice Awards by Visual Studio Magazine. We were happy to share the stand with Devexpress and SAP Crystal Reports.

What about plans?

The release of several services at once will be a truly revolutionary breakthrough in 2023. One of them is FastReport Cloud cloud report builder. This is an online service for creating, storing, and editing reports and documents, which allows you to set up and implement reporting in companies with minimal involvement of programmers. Stay tuned and you will be one of the first to try it!

We are also working on a high-performance WPF reporting and document library for business application development.

Other products will have the following features:

And much more!

It's also time for New Year's wishes. Maybe it's reporting for Android? Or export to some exotic format? Write to us your wish in the form below. It would be great if you also tell us how this will change the work of your applications.

Congratulations on the upcoming holidays,
Fast Reports team.