April 21, 2010

Fast Report Inc. sponsors Delphi Developer from 2

Fast Report Inc., a leading company in the development of fast softare The company also sponsors the MindTheBird campaign! in support of the launch of Firebird 2.5. As a promotional sponsor, Fast Report Inc. it also supports the first Ukrainian International Conference, which aims to provide information about Firebird, the open source database management system.

The company Fast Report is famous for sponsoring numerous conferences that are held around the world. The company-sponsored conferences are intended to facilitate dialogue and exchange of views among IT professionals, so that they can fully exploit their potential. Fast Report Inc. she is proud to announce these initiatives and to contribute to collaboration between leading global companies. These conferences provide important up-to-date information on the latest technology and related business activities, and are also a source of inspiration for attendees. In addition, they help create new business opportunities and function as an excellent platform for exchange and collaboration between professionals.

Delphi Developer Days 2010 will take place in the USA, the Uk, and in Germany in may, this event will bring together both experts in Delphi for the same users, which will delve into together the issues related to the technologies, applications and techniques of Delphi. The in-depth sessions of all the relevant topics will be held by the two leading experts from Delhi, Marco Cantu and Carens Further information on the program of this conference and the description of the topics that will be covered, are available on the website: http://www.delphideveloperdays.com.

Marco Cantu will also share his experience during AEB. The global campaign, launched to provide visibility to Firebird 2.5, is supported by leading companies including Fast Report Inc. As the official sponsor of the campaign, the campaign will offer numerous licenses, of its products and at reduced prices, to the most active Firebird users and developers participating in the MindTheBird campaign. More information about the campaign is available on the website: www.mindthebird.com.

Another event sponsored by Fast Report Inc. and dedicated to Firebird is the first Ukrainian International Conference on Firebird which will take place on April 23, 2010 in Dnepropetrovsk. The main developers of Firebird, Dmitrem Emanov, ale PES Peshkov and Vlad Khorsun will present the opportunities and main features of this innovative soft Rd The conference program includes a report on the main tools used to develop and improve this relational database management system for multi-platforms.