February 15, 2022

Fast Reports releases NuGet-server


We are happy to announce the release of our NuGet-server. It is an important part of our framework that will make the delivery of our products to users more convenient and faster.

Now you can automate the assembly of your products using Fast Reports licence packages, without the need to download manually and install them from the official website via installer. In addition, thanks to the appearance of NuGet-server, it is much easier to use Fast Reports cross-platform products in operating systems of Linux and MacOS families.

To have an access you just need Fast Reports account.

NuGet package manager window in Microsoft Visual Studio

On this server NuGet-packages of various .NET products are available: FastReport .NET (including Core, CoreWin), FastCube .NET, FastReport Business Graphics .NET, etc.

We’ve shared more detail on the work of NuGet-server in our article.