May 10, 2018

New version of FastReport VCL - 6.1.

In new version :

- Extended abilities of "Table" object;

- Reworked and improved PDF export;

- Added ability to use anchors for report objects;

- New ability to fill empty space of page with child band

- Optimization of report engine with a lot of report objects in the report designer.



Version 6.1
- Improved ODT export filter to use different styles for different report pages
- Improved ODT export filter to use max page sizes for Continues sheet
- Fixed table(objects) width in ODT export filter (doesn't stretch to page width);
- Fixed text processing with AllowHTML in ODT export filter
- Fixed TfrxDateEditControl with WeekNumbers = True for Windows XP

- Fixed bug when OnPreviewClick does not refresh modified object
- Fixed performance drop with objects "Shift" mechanism
- Fixed C++ Builder issue with TfrxReportPage
- Fixed saving of processing property in DFM

+ Added support of PDF/A-2 format

- Improved rotated text in PDF, SVG and HTML-Div export filters
- Fixed bug with expressions processing and Drill-Down groups

- Fixed EMF export
- Fixed export of table object in graphics export filters
- Added Arabic numbers substitution in PDF export (with RTLReading)

- Fixed calculating of table cell with vertical Font rotation
- Fixed Hindy and Thai ligatures in PDF export
- Fixed Char spacing with HAlign in PDF export
- Fixed Copy/Paste of internal DB component
- Fixed vertical barcodes borders
- Fixed ADO parameters in the designer

+ Added Anchors for report objects and Dialog controls
+ Added Table rtti helpers for TableWidth and TableHeight properties
- Fixed bug in IO transports with network path (in DefaultPath)
- Improved multi-threading support in PDF export
- Fixed bug with bad position of images in PDF export

+ Added AutoSize property for barcodes (default true), set it to false prevent component from size changing (changes zoom instead)
+ Added MinWidth and MaxWidth for table column can be set ti limit auto size (0 unlimited)
+ Added MinHeight and MaxHeight for table row can be set ti limit auto size (0 unlimited)
- Fixed bug when using detail report with inheritance and OnLoadTemplate event

+ Added new report variables TableRow and TableColumn can be used inside table objects
+ Added ability to set path for "Indy" library in Recompile
+ Added new align mode baHidden objects with this mode don't collide with others
- Fixed line spacing in PDF and SVG exports
- Fixed ADO parameters
- Fixed highlight editor for group of objects
- Fixed issues with band Fill/Frame and aligned objects
- Fixed bug in column header with band Frame/Fill
- Fixed exporting of report properties in OXML exports
- Fixed FNC1 processing in Datamatrix barcode
- Fixed PadLeft/PadRight functions under with unicode environment
- Fixed issue when used RangeEnd = reCount to limit records of the dataset
- Fixed error which can appear after deleting table column

+ Added TfrxChild.ToNRows and ToNRowsMode properties allows to fill empty page space (see 15.fr3 report in FRMain demo)
- Fixed aggregate functions for table object
- Fixed issues when paste data component to report page
- Fixed SlaveExport property for export filters

+ Added TfrxPreviewOptions.AllowPreviewEdit property - Set it to False to disable any interactive editors in the report preview
- Fixed export of images embedded in RichView
- Optimization for big tables and big reports (Designer can handle tables with 10000 cells and more)
- Fixed vertical band behavior in the report designer
- Objects containers like table can be used on vertical bands
- Fixed SaveDialog when FileName is empty
- Fixed OpenAfterExport behavior
- Fixed HTML Tags in RTF export