September 21, 2010

FastReport VCL 4.10 released!

FastReport VCL 4.10
+ added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE (Delphi EX/C++Builder EX) 
+ added support of TeeChart 2010 packages (new series type aren't support in this release) 
+ added a property TruncateLongTexts to the XLS OLE export that allows to disable truncating texts longer than a specified limit 
+ added option EmbedProt which allows to disable embedding fonts into an encrypted PDF file 
+ added TfrxDateEditControl.WeekNumbers property 
- fixed bug in the XLS XML export about striked-out texts 
- fixed bug about exporting an empty page via the XLS OLE export 
- fixed bug in the PDF export about coloring the background of pages 
- fixed bug in embedded designer when using break point in script 
- fixed bug with lost of focus in font size combo-box in designer 
- fixed bug with truncate of font size combo-box in Windows Vista/7 in designer (lost of vertical scroll bar) 
- fixed bug when lost file name in inherited report 
- fixed bug in multi-page report with EndlessHeight/EndlessWidth 
- fixed bug wit TfrxHeader.ReprintOnNewpage and KeepTogether 
- fixed bug in multi-column report with child bands 
- improved split mechanism (added TfrxStretcheable.HasNextDataPart for complicated data like RTF tables) 
- improved crosstab speed when using repeat band with crosstab object