March 21, 2008

FastReport Server 2.0 released

All registered users of FastReport Server now get one license of FastReport Studio Business Edition. 
You can get this license in Customer User Panel.
Demo version of FastReport Studio is included in each install package of Server.

* changed kernel to FastReport 4
+ added configurations values refresh in run-time 
+ added reports list refresh in run-time
+ added templates support ("templates" folder), note: all template files have UTF8 encoding
+ added start in tray (command line: "start frxservice /tray", service should be stopped)
+ added Open Document Format support, export in Open Office files *.ods and *.odt
+ added scheduler feature in Server Configurator
+ added print to network printers from browser (see config.xml "AllowPrint", set to "no" by default), note: experimental feature
+ improved speed and stability
- bug fixes