September 14, 2017

New version of FastReport .NET - 2017.4

A lot of new things in FastReport .NET 2017.4:


And not only that! 



+ added initial support of .NET Core (\Demos\Core\FastReportCore.MVC\readme.txt)



+ Trim property has been added for linear barcodes

+ Tag property has been added for all components

+ added saving of meta data (ReportInfo.Name, ReportInfo.Author, ReportInfo.Description,

  ReportInfo.Created, ReportInfo.Modified, ReportInfo.CreatorVersion) in prepared report file

+ added RegisterData(DataSet data, bool enableAllTables) and RegisterData(DataSet data, string name, bool enableAllTables)

  functions for registering DataSet and enabling all its tables

+ added possibility to access the Report.Dictionary without case sensitivity

+ added RadialGauge control

+ added SimpleProgressGauge control

- fixed wrong result for n.9999 values in NumToWords functions

- fixed bug with multi-thread preparing and using the cursors inside a report

- fixed borders for Gauges

- adjusted scale and pointer for SimpleGauge



+ added pagination in Data View Window

+ added Space to separators list in CSV connection

+ added possibility to open List and Label files with extensions crd, srt, inv, lab and let

+ added selecting previous file filter in open file dialog

- fixed bug with deleting of bands

- fixed bug with empty fields when connecting to CSV table

- fixed bug with space separator when connecting to CSV table

- fixed bug with strings without separator when connecting to CSV table

- fixed bug when viewing business object data

- fixed bug with null value of System.Guid instance

- fixed bug in PageColumns class when number of positions is not equal number of columns



+ added Word2007Export.RowHeight property with enum (Minimum, Exactly)

+ added converting to Percent format for Excel2007 export

+ added export in LaTeX (without pictures, works with XeLaTex)

- fixed bug with barcode duplicates in PDF export

- fixed bug with table cells duplicates in XAML, SVG exports

- fixed bug with tilde in Excel2007 export

- fixed bug with image duplicating in PDFExport

- fixed bug with Biff8 export from prepared report

- allowed export TextObjects with not default FontWithRatio to Excel 2007



+ added property WebReport.DesignerConfig for storing custom configuration of Online Designer

- fixed bug with WebReport object resizing



+ added Web API self-hosted example (Demos\C#\Web\WebApiSelfHosted)

+ added SVGObject plugin (\Extras\Misc\SVGObjectPlugin)

+ added TelegramMessenger plugin (\Extras\Misc\Messaging\TelegramMessenger)

+ added support for MaxiCode and Intelligent Mail barcodes

+ added editor for hyperlink property

* improved Crystal Reports converter, now works with the latest versions of Crystal


  [Online Designer]

+ added Highlight editor

+ added resizing area for the left sidebar

+ added MaxiCode & Intelligent Mail barcodes

+ added ability to call control dialogs from properties panel by clicking button in the title of subsection

+ switch all the customization panels at once

+ font editing dialog

+ border property editing dialog

+ hyperlink property editing dialog

+ building process changed

* popup restyle in the upper right corner

- fixed bug with positioning DataHeader Band after DataBand

- fixed bug with freezing in IE