December 05, 2016

New version of FastReport .NET

FastReport .NET 2017.1 

What are the new features brought by this release?

 FastReport became faster and lighter due to the optimization of the code responsible for report building and its export to different formats

 Ability of immediate access to CSV text files. Convenient parameter setting of loading CSV files allows using any data from Excel tables and other applications that support CSV export.

 Added MongoDB connector to the bundled plugins for connecting to a number of DataBase Management Systems.

 PDF export now supports graphic standard PDF/X-4. Ability to add color profiles to the PDF file.

 Sending reports directly to the chat client through the XMPP/Jabber protocol.

 Those, who use Windows Presentation Foundation will most likely be interested in a new example of using FastReport dotnet in this framework - WPFViewer.

 In web reports there's now a capability to enable the return button to switch back to the previous report from detail tab 

And not only that!



+ added possibility to set picture location (URL) in PictureObject from database

+ added support of alphanumeric values in GS1-128 barcode

* optimized memory consumption

- fixed bug with RichObject page break


+ added possibility to select all tables in DataWizardForm

+ added CSV database connection

- fixed bug with updating the script when loading another report 

- fixed bug with updating TextObject.Format

- fixed bug with updating TextObject.Border

- fixed bug with non-existing connection plugin


+ added "Exports" and "Clouds" properties in PreviewControl to hide/show exports in the "Save" button drop-down menu


+ added ability to export text as curves in PostScript and PPML exports

+ added property FastCloudStorageClient.ReportUrl containing the link to a report after uploading to FastReport Cloud

+ added possibility to send a report using XMPP/Jabber and FastReport Cloud

+ added support of PDF/X-4 standard

+ added CMYK color profile in the PDF export

+ added property HTMLExport.EnableMargins to use page margins in the output file (default: false)

* added possibility of getting images from a stream by GetImage(..) method in XAMLExport, property name ToMultipleFiles changed to HasMultipleFiles

- fixed export of GroupHeader and GroupFooter bands in FR3 export

- fixed bug with exporting images in Metafile image export

- fixed bugs with formatting in OpenOffice Writer (Open Document Text) export

- fixed bugs with formatting in Word 2007 (docx) export

- fixed bug with font "Meiryo UI" in PDF export


+ added property WebReport.ShowBackButton to display the "Back" button (return to previous report in the tabbed report)

+ added property WebReport.LogFile to log the errors in WebReport, may be combined with WebReport.Debug 

+ added property WebReport.EnableMargins to use page margins in the output (default: false)

+ added support of Page.Fill in WebReport

+ added support of WebReport background color - WebReport.BackColor (default value: White)

* changed progress picture

- fixed bug with printing from browser any reports with links to detailed report

- fixed bug with displaying the scroll bars on 100% width and height

- fixed bug with visualization of reports with unlimited page width/height

- fixed bug with "Fit Width/Fit Page" zooming in the toolbar

- fixed bug with multi-threading

- fixed bug with TextObject.ParagraphOffset


+ added new example \Demos\C#\WPFViewer 


+ added MongoDB connector \Extras\Connections\FastReport.MongoDB  

- fixed bug with displaying a list of tables in FastReport.MySQL

 [Online Designer]

+ added support of TextOutline

+ added slider for rotate an object with Angle property

+ added property in configuration file (section save_success_redirect) with URL for redirection after successful saving

+ added two properties in configuration file, section save_success_redirect "useParent" (for using in iframe) and "removeConfirmation" (eliminate showing confirmation leaving dialog with redirection)