May 26, 2009

FastReport .NET 1.1 released!

New version of lead product of Fast Reports for .NET-platform FastReport .NET 1.1 released!

What is new?

Version 1.1
+ added new UI styles - Office2007Blue, Office2007Silver, Office2007Black, VistaGlass. You can choose the designer and the preview form appearance using the EnvironmentSettings component (its UIStyle property)
+ added CSV export
+ added Text/Dot-matrix export
+ added Designer.exe and Viewer.exe end-user applications
+ added DesignerControl control
+ added the "Format Painter" command to the standard toolbar
+ added two new system variables - "TotalPage#" and "Page#"
+ added design-time support for BindingSource
+ added the property "RTFExport.ImageFormat"
+ added HideIfNoData, NoDataText properties to BarcodeObject
+ added new demo project - MdiDesigner
+ added "Table/Fit Dynamic Table To Page" report
+ added "Dialogs/Cascaded Data Filtering" report
+ added "Interactive Reports/Interactive Matrix With Chart" report
+ added "Dialogs/Labels With Dialog" report
+ added Chinese (simplified) localization
+ added Arabic localization
+ added export of transparent colors and pictures (alpha blending) in PDF format
+ added export of lines, arrows, rectangle shapes, shadows in PDF format
+ added export of page watermarks in PDF format
+ added export of dash-dot patterns in PDF format
+ added export of horizontal and vertical lines, rectangle shapes, shadows in Excel(xml), RichText, OpenOffice and HTML formats
* enhanced support of Unicode in PDF export
* MSChart object moved to main FastReport.dll, no need to plug-in it anymore
* FastReport.Dock library now replaced with FastReport.Bars
- fixed bug with designer in Vista 64-bit
- fixed bug with subreport & breaked band
- fixed Matrix object bug (break spanned cell)
- fixed bug with creating an event handler for multiple selected objects
- fixed bug in PDF export with right border of table object
- fixed focus lost when closing the preview window
- fixed error with text justification
- fixed error in data window (when you pass bad DataRelation object)
- fixed bug in VS IDE (designer silently closes after you close the preview)
- fixed bug with clipboard keys in TextObject in-place edit mode
- fixed bug with MS SQL guid-type parameter
- fix in business objects processing
- fixed bug with subreport's PrintOnParent
- fixed issue with printing static & dynamic TableObjects on the same band
- fixed bug with report parameters
- fixed bug with SQL parameters
- fixed duplicate table names issue
- fixed TableRow, TableColumn "Visible" property
- fixed Matrix "Count" function
- fixed bug with TableObject break
- fixed bug with relations and empty data columns
- fixed rotation of text in Excel(xml), RichText, OpenOffice, HTML and PDF export
- fixed bug with subreport and "RepeatOnEveryPage" flag
- fixed bug with inserting items of "generic" data type from "Data" window to a script
- fixed bug with incorrect escaping of "Script" node content in the .frx file
- fixed bug with delays in the designer when selecting a lot of objects
- fixed bug with PictureObject.Tile
- fixed bug with page breaks and margins in XML export
- fixed bug with export of different border lines in Excel(xml), RichText, OpenOffice, HTML and PDF export
- fixed bug with underlined and strikeout text in PDF export
- fixed bug with borders of TableObject in PDF export
- fixed bug with document title in PDF export

FastReport.NET is a full-featured reporting solution for Windows Forms and ASP.NET. It can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. It is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 and higher. Main features:
- own report visual advanced report designer. It does not depend on development environment and can be integrated to end-users' application;
- optimized for corporate heavy load, big data mining processing and preparing really big reports.