May 18, 2020

New version of FastReport Mono - 2020.3

In the new version we added ability to import RTF documents into report templates which makes work with FastReport easier for beginners. After converting add the data source and arrange fields in objects.

In ver. 2020.3 there is a new type of export which allows printing tags on printers that support ZPL

Template of ZPL tag (report)

Printed ZPL Tag

All changes: 

Version 2020.3


+ added import of RTF documents into report
* merged codebase of FastReport.Net and FastReport.Mono


* slight UI improvements
* Messages window now remembers its size/visibility
+ added Polygon toolbar in the designer
+ added description control in the Data Dictionary window
- fixed bugs in GUI


+ added ZPL export
- fixed size of PDF file with interactive forms
+ fixed RTF image size
+ added indent in ODT export
* improved detection of font location in Linux