October 23, 2019

New version of FastReport .Mono - 2019.4

In the new version of FastReport .Mono we significantly improved report engine which is now unified with FastReport .Net. It allows to smoothly transfer fixes and changes between different version of report generators. We also added connection to JSON data which is now available by default and doesn't require plugin installation


+ added built-in JSON data source engine
+ enhanced support of RichObject
- fixed script warnings - do not stop report generation on warning
- fixed double call of FreeHGlobal on programm termination
- apply high-load patch from FastReport.NET
- fixed bug with checking handlers in Web.config
- fixed crash of the program when creating a report using the wizard on Linux

+ enhanced SQL builder - ability to edit existing request
- fixed the message panel

+ added events to TrueTypeCollection object. New demo programm shows how to use them - fr_mono\Demos\C#\FontHandlersExportToPDF
+ enhanced support of fonts with extended weight
* source code is divided into engine and UI parts
- improved export of RichObject to RTF (set EmbedRichObject propert of RTFExport to true to enable this feature)
- updated export to PDF format - code ported from FastReport.NET
- fixed exports to various formats in environment