May 30, 2016

New version of FastReport Mono - 2016.1

New Version of FastReport Mono 2016 includes all recent capabilites of FastReport .Net 2016. For instance - new ability of multiple use of FastReport .Mono and Online Report Designer. Now you can also produce documents that will comply with archive standart PDF/A. New types of Barcodes -  Aztec, Plessey, GS1-128/EAN-128. Lots of other improvements called to simplify report generation on Mono framework!

+ added support of Online Report Designer in WebReport
+ added support PDF/A in PDF export
+ added barcodes Aztec, Plessey, GS1-128/EAN-128
+ added new Gauge objects
+ added exports in XAML, SVG, PPML, PostScript
+ added property CSVExport.NoQuotes in CSV export
+ added properties in WebReport: DesignReport, DesignScriptCode, DesignerPath, DesignerSavePath,
DesignerSaveCallBack, PrintInBrowser, SinglePage
+ added property WebReport.XlsxSeamless for export tables without brakes in Excel 2007 export
+ added property WebReport.EmbedPictures (embedded pictures in HTML)
+ added property WebReport.DesignerLocale (sets an interface language for Online Report Designer)
+ added property EmbedPictures(images inside html code) in HTML export
+ added property WebReport.RefreshTimeout (refresh timeout in seconds, 0 – auto refresh disabled), the property useful for Dashboards
+ added outline for text with color selection, width and line style (property TextObject.TextOutline)
+ added event for drawing the custom objects in WebReport or override drawing any standard object (WebReport.CustomDraw), works only with enabled WebReport.Layer
+ added support layered HTML in WebReport (WebReport.Layers) with better WYSIWYG
+ added support of TextObject.TextOutline in PDF export
+ added support LineHeight, ParagraphOffset in HTML export
+ added html tags filtration in CSV export
+ added text clipping functionality (TextObject.Clip) in PDF export
+ added property PDFExport.ShowPrintDialog for showing the print dialog on opening the PDF document
* updated internal jQuery up to v1.12.3
- fixed bug in WebReport with downloading files from IE8 in Windows XP
- fixed bug with several WebReport objects in one page
- fixed bug with multiline TextObject in dialogs in WebReport