December 19, 2007

FastReport 4.5 released!

Version 4.5
+ added ConverterRB2FR.pas unit for converting reports from Report Builder to Fast Report
+ added ConverterQR2FR.pas unit for converting reports from QuickReport to FastReport
+ added support of multiple attachments in e-mail export (html with images as example)
+ added support of unicode (UTF-8) in e-mail export
+ added ability to change templates path in designer
+ added OnReportPrint script event
+ added PNG support in all version (start from Basic)
+ added TfrxDMPMemoView.TruncOutboundText property - truncate outbound text in matrix report when WordWrap=false
+ added new frames styles fsAltDot and fsSquare
+ added new event OnPreviewDblClick in all TfrxView components
+ added ability to call dialogs event after report run when set DestroyForms = false
+ added ability to change AllowExpressions and HideZeros properties in cross Cells (default=false)
+ added IgnoreDupParams property to DB components
+ added auto open dataset in TfrxDBLookupComboBox
+ added new property TfrxADOQuery.LockType
+ added define DB_CAT ( for grouping DB components
+ added TfrxPictureView.HightQuality property(draw picture in preview with hight quality, but slow down drawing procedure)
+ [FRViewer] added comandline options "/print filename" and "/silent_print filename"
+ added unicode input support in RichEditor
+ added new define HOOK_WNDPROC_FOR_UNICODE ( - set hook on GetMessage function for unicode input support in D4-D7/BCB4-BCB6
+ added ability chose path to FIB packages in "Recompile Wizard"
+ added new function TfrxPreview.GetTopPosition, return a position on current preview page
+ added new hot-keys to Code Editor - Ctrl+Del delete the word before cursor, Ctrl+BackSpace delete the word after cursor(as in Delhi IDE) 
+ added "MDI Designer" example
- all language resources moved to UTF8, XML
- fixed bug with html tags [sup] and [sub]
- fixed width calculation in TfrxMemoView when use HTML tags
- fixed bug with suppressRepeated in Vertical bands
- fixed bug when designer not restore scrollbars position after undo/redo
- fixed visual bug in toolbars when use Windows Vista + XPManifest + Delphi 2006 
- fixed bug in CalcHeight when use negative LineSpace
- fixed bug in frx2xto30 when import query/table components, added import for TfrDBLookupControl component
- fixed bug with Cross and TfrxHeader.ReprintOnNewPage = true
- fixed  converting from unicode in TfrxMemoView when use non default charset
- [fs] fixed bug with "in" operator
- fixed bug with aggregate function SUM 
- fixed bug when use unicode string with [TotalPages#] in TfrxMemoView
- fixed bug with TSQLTimeStampField field type
- fixed designer dock-panels("Object Inspector", "Report Tree", "Data Tree")  when use designer as MDI or use several non-modal designer windows
- fixed bug with hide/show dock-panels("Object Inspector", "Report Tree", "Data Tree"), now it restore size after hiding
- fixed bug in XML/XLS export - wrong encode numbers in memo after CR/LF
- fiexd bug in RTF export 
- fixed bug with undo/redo commands in previewPages designer
- fixed bug with SuppressRepeated when use KeepTogether in group
- fixed bug with SuppressRepeated on new page all events fired twice(use Engine.SecondScriptcall to determinate it)­