October 29, 2014

New version of FastCube VCL 2.2

There was a long time without new release of FastCube VCL. By the way it has a lot innovations and improvements. So what's new:

+ Added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE7 (Delphi XE7/C++Builder XE7)
+ Added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE6 (Delphi XE6/C++Builder XE6)
+ Added properties Distinct and DistinctField into Measure editor
+ Added: System counter can use Distinct and DistinctField

+ Added checking the number of rows and columns in Excel 97-2003 export
+ Added property TfcxSlice.ClearUnattachedFieldsFilter: Boolean and function TfcxSlice.ResetUnattachedFieldsFilter: boolean (Reset filters in fields not placed in Axis or Filters)
+ –°ase insensitive compare in TfcxSliceFields.IndexOfField
+ Added properties TfcxMeasureField.Distinct: Boolean, TfcxMeasureField.DistinctForTotal: Boolean and
TfcxMeasureField.SliceField2: TfcxSliceField. It allows check uniqueness of values of additional field during calculation
+ Added support of ftSingle fields
+ Added property TfcxAxisContainer.DimValue[ALevel: TfcxSmallCount; AVisIndex: Integer]: variant
+ Added property TfcxDataSource.UseOnlyVisibleFields

+ Added property TfcxSliceGridToolbar.DialogsDefaultPath for Save/Open dialogs.
+ Added TMeasure.ColOffsetTotalValueForDims[Offset: integer; ADimNames:String]: Variant and TMeasure.RowOffsetTotalValueForDims[Offset: integer; ADimNames: String]: Variant
+ Refactor code to split non-visual part from visual part

+ Added editor for additional calculated total into Dimension editor
+ Added Axis editor

+ Speedup filters loading

+ Added compatibility with FastCube 2 FMX

+ Added Croatian translation by Kresimir Majdenic
+ Added German translation by Thomas Werling
+ Added Italian translation by Augusto Pellis

- Fixed error in Excel 97-2003 export

- Fixed error with size of filter region
- Fixed error in TMeasure.ColOffsetValue[Offset: integer]: Variant, TMeasure.RowOffsetValue[Offset: integer]: Variant and TMeasure.ColRowOffsetValue[ColOffset, RowOffset: integer]: Variant
- Fixed error: wrong filter setting after loading filter in some case.
- Fixed errors: AV with property CreateAllCells in calculation measure when all measures are calculation
- Fixed error: wrong measure values in some cases during script calculation
- Fixed errors: AV in TfcxSliceGrid not linked with TfcxSlice
- Fixed error: AV after editing measure
- Fixed error: AV in export
- Fixed error: AV during adding measure when TopN is active
- Fixed error with national characters in incremental search
- Fixed error with TIBBCDField
- Fixed errors in property TfcxSlice.FieldsOrder

- Fixed error: AV after the field drop to an axis with an expanded group
- Fixed: OK button was not translated in Information dialog
- Fixed property spelling (was ArgFuncs become AgrFuncs)
- Fixed status zone popup menu checks

- Fixed error: AV in TfcxSlice.InternalSetSelectedVis
- Fixed error in SliceGrid styles applying (memory corruption)