March 12, 2008

FastCube 1.3 released!

FastCube 1.3
+ Added styles for cells with total: cellrowtotal, cellrowgrand, cellcoltotal, cellcolgrand, cellfulltotal, cellfullgrand, cellrowtotalcolgrand, cellrowgrandcoltotal
+ You can use keyboard now to scroll content of DetailGrid
+ in detail grid added cell focus
+ Recompile Wizard save settings for every compiler
+ added description of TfcChart. Read fcchart.txt.
+ new events: TfcChart.OnGetSeriesClass, TfcChart.OnSeriesCreated, TfcChart.OnChartFilled
+ new events: TfcGrid.OnDrawCell, TfcGrid.OnDrawAxisItem
+ Change Caption of field in Slice when renamed Caption of field in Cube
+ added component TfrcChart for link TfrcChartView in report with TfcChart from form.
+ use new utf8-xml resource
+ new version of TfcChart
+ added PercentFormat
+ added popup menu item to rename dimensions
+ added property Value in TMeasure in script (short from CurrentValue)
+ added FastCube classes registration in script in FastReport
+ added Italian resources (thanks Loris Ferraresso)
+ Right Alignment for numeric fields in DetailGrid
+ added Brazil resources
+ export in UTF8
* dimension does not lose its width/height anymore while moving between areas
* In Trial version You can to save cube to file.
* added: It is possible to choose source for TfrcChartView and TfrcCrossView in report.
* fix for Delphi5
* not allow use function with "Count of Unique" with calculated measure
* TfcCube.LoadFromStream set Cube to Active
* String "Report Data" changed to Cube Caption in export
- fix error with THorizBarSeries
- fix error: divide by zero when display measure as Percent and Total = 0
- Fixed: AV when drag and drop 'System Counter'.
- fix error with showing SmallInt values
- fix error: AV after loading slice from another cube
- fix error: AV after added new measure
- fix error: Caption of measures field set to "#MEASURES"
- fix error: clear Data marking after measures editing
- fix some bugs of DetailGrid and SourceGrid paint
- fix error of unchecked of all measures with unchecked option mdsoAutoFilter
- fix paint in TfcDetailGrid
- fix error of rollback filter changes with unchecked option mdsoAutoFilter