May 27, 2019

New version of FastCube .NET 2019.3

In the new version of FastCube .NET 2019.3 we have added the Nuget package FastCube.Core which will allow working with cubes in ASP.NET and console applications. Fulllistof changes in the latest version:

+ Added date split to half year
+ Added SliceGrid.StatusZone.FloatFormat and SliceGrid.StatusZone.IntegerFormat. Use them to change format of values in StatusBar.
+ Added group creation by condition in code (Group.CreateGroupByRange) and and in SliceGrid menu
+ Grouping and filtering through the axes context menu now handles selection
+ Added ZoneRestrictions.DontShowDropDown item
+ Added designer serialization for SliceGrid and CubeGrid zones
- Fixed error with cell detail
- Fixed error with loading of empty cube.