February 13, 2018

FastReport VCL 6 FAQ

1. When will FastReport VCL 6 be released?
We plan on releasing on March 1, 2018

2. What’s new?
Look here: brief review 

3. What versions of Delphi / RAD Studio / C++ Builder will be supported?
All the versions from v.7 to the current one as of today. As tech partner of Embarcadero we add support of the latest versions as soon as possible.

4. Can I get FastReport 6 for free and before the official release?
Yes, if:
a) you buy FastReport 5 license right now and get FastReport 6.
b) as always, we will be glad to give license of FastReport 6 to our partners

5. I bought FastReport 5 while ago - what can I do?
If you bought license after August 31, 2017 you'll get upgrade to FastReport VCL 6 for free! - Look at your CP. Is it there?
If you bought license before September 1, 2017 you can get FastReport VCL 6 (the same edition) with 20% discount. Look at CP -> upgrades.

6. Oops. I only have license of FastReport 4 (3, 2). Is there any discount for me?
Why not? Look at CP -> upgrades and get 20% discount!

7. Is it possible to use FastReport VCL 6 in new project? Is it still Beta?
It is stable enough now. And traditionally, all our official Beta-testers of 6th version will get release.

Wait, how do I use it? Where is the new documentation with description of new functions and features?
At the moment we are working on updating the documentation. For now we wrote several "how-to" articles (and continue writing new ones) - check them out here

By the way we plan seminars and webinars about new possibilities of FastReport VCL 6. Stay tuned for more news!